68+ Profitable Medium Content Book Ideas in 2024

 Hey there! Are you on the hunt for some medium content book ideas? Look no further as this blog post gives you over 68 awesome ideas to create medium content books on amazon kdp. 

I have carefully researched and selected these book ideas for you using amazon and a chrome extension called Titans Pro. For your ease I have categorized these medium content books ideas into 7 sections. 

Unlike low-content books, medium content are harder to create therefore the competition is still very low in this area of self-publishing.

Over 68 Medium Content Book Ideas On Amazon

over 68 medium content book ideas for amazon kdp

Below you will find 7 categories containing over 68 different ideas to create and sell medium content books via amazon kdp account.

Part 1: Educational Workbooks

Education workbooks are one of the best medium content books you can create to sell on amazon. There is huge demand for this type of books and workbooks on amazon and you can enter into this niche by providing quality content.


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Ideas for Educational Books

Below are some best selling medium content books on amazon. You can pick and start with one ideas at a time and create multiple workbooks in it

  1. Math workbooks
  2. Learn to count workbooks
  3. Learn to write workbooks
  4. Telling the time workbooks
  5. Kindergarten workbooks
  6. Letter tracing workbooks
  7. Number tracing workbooks
  8. Vocabulary building workbooks
  9. Grammar workbooks for kids

Softwares I Use To Create Educational Workbooks

Below are some of the software I use to create educational books on amazon.


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Math Worksheets Generator

I love to create math workbooks and I use a math worksheets generator for that. It’s an amazing app that allows me to create math workbooks very quickly and easily.

✨I have also written a whole blog post about creating Math Workbooks for Amazon KDP, you can read my review of Math Worksheets Generator here.

Counting Worksheets Generator

If you want to create counting worksheets, then you can checkout the Counting Worksheets Generator. This tool creates stunning counting worksheets in a matter of minutes.

Time Worksheets Generator

Time worksheets generator is another really cool kdp software that allows you to create telling the time workbooks in a few clicks. Checkout Time Worksheets Generator here.

👉 Also, check out my detailed blog post about creating telling-the-time workbooks using the time worksheets generator, read it here.


Canva is a really popular and easy to use web-based tool. You can use this to create a wide range of kdp books by adding text, elements, shapes and numbers. It also comes with a lot of premade templates that you can customize.

Part 2: Puzzle Books

Puzzle books are massively popular on amazon and many publishers are already making a ton of money with them. When it comes to sub-niche or sub-topics, there is a wide range of puzzle books you can create and publish on amazon kdp.

Puzzle Book Ideas for Amazon KDP

Here are some of the most popular and profitable puzzle book ideas for you

  1. Cryptogram puzzle books
  2. Maze puzzle books
  3. Word search puzzle books
  4. Crossword puzzle books
  5. Word scramble books
  6. Sudoku puzzle books
  7. Number search books
  8. Kakuro puzzle books
  9. Wordoku puzzle books
  10. Jigsaw puzzle books
  11. Sticker puzzle books for kids

Tools for Creating Puzzle Books

A: When it comes to creating puzzle books, there is a ton of software available over the internet but most of them are very costly. So, I am not going to recommend those. 

Rather I would share with you the most affordable softwares that you can use to create most of these puzzle books.

Puzzle & Activity Tools Bundle

This puzzle and activity book generation tool bundle is one of the best options to create puzzle books fast. It is from the creators for Self Publishing Titans and gives you access to 21 activity & puzzle tools with unlimited use.

When it comes to pricing it gives you two options, $12/mo or you can pay $147 once and access these tools for lifetime.

Book Bolt Pro

Book Bolt is another really useful tool to create a wide range of both low content and medium content books. Puzzle generation is one of the main features of book bolt pro. With the pro subscription, you can create a lot of puzzle book interior and covers with great ease.

Book Bolt is a sort of one stop shop for researching and creating medium content books on amazon. It gives you the tools and resources to find low competition book niches and create book interiors and covers effortlessly.

👉 Book Bolt: https://bit.ly/Book_Bolt (20% Off Coupon Code: subha20)

PowerPoint Puzzle Generator

This is another really affordable puzzle generator software for amazon kdp. With this PowerPoint add-in you can quickly create most of the afore-mentioned kdp puzzle books.

I have written a detailed blog post about PowerPoint Puzzle Generator Add-in, you can read it here.

Part 3: Activity Books

Activity books are books that are designed to be interactive and engaging. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as education, entertainment, and therapy. 

Activity books are popular medium content books on Amazon. These are a convenient and affordable way to provide children with hours of fun and learning. Some of the best ideas for activity books are as under;

Activity Book Ideas

  1. Scissor skill activity books
  2. Do-to-dot activity books
  3. Color by number books
  4. Sight Word books
  5. Spot the difference books
  6. Paint by sticker books
  7. I spy books
  8. Travel activity books for kids
  9. Sticker activity books for kids

Softwares I Recommend To Create Activity  Books

Puzzle & Activity Tools Bundle

As mentioned in the section of puzzle books, you can use the same tools bundle i.e Puzzle & Activity Tools Bundle to create many activity books. However, these activities could be different from the listed above. 

Luckily, you can preview this software before making a purchase. In this way, you can decide whether it’s a best fit for you or not.

Canva (Free Web Design Tool)

You can use canva to create various activity books for kids. You can either use their pre-made templates or start from scratch by creating a new design. 

Canva’s drag and drop functionally, allows you to add various elements, icons, shapes and text to create activity books for amazon kdp.

>Checkout Canva (opens in a new tab)”>>>Checkout Canva

Par 4: Writing Practice Workbooks

Writing practice workbooks are one of the best medium content books that you can sell on amazon. Like most of the book ideas, these are evergreen books and have great potential to make consistent income.

Ideas for Writing Practice Books

I published a handful of writing practice workbooks and most of them sold really well on amazon. Here are some of the top ideas for creating writing practice books.

  1. Handwriting practice workbooks for kids
  2. Handwriting practice books for adults
  3. Cursive handwriting practice books
  4. Sentence writing workbooks
  5. Print handwriting workbooks
  6. Arabic writing workbooks
  7. Chinese writing practice workbooks
  8. Japanese writing practice workbooks
  9. Spanish writing workbooks

How To Create Handwriting Practice Books

When it comes to creating handwriting practice workbooks, you can use free version of Canva. It comes with a lot of pre-made templates that you can use as a starting point. You can also create most of these books in PowerPoint or MS Word using a tracing font.

Here is a quick video from my YouTube channel about letter tracing font.

I have also created step by step video on how to create letter tracing books in PowerPoint, have a little watch of this video!

5. Coloring Books On Amazon 

Coloring books on Amazon have become a popular choice for parents looking for creative and educational activities for their kids and toddlers. With the introduction of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), it has become easier for aspiring authors and illustrators to create and publish their own coloring books on the platform. 

Coloring Book Ideas for KDP

Coloring books also come under medium-content books as the contain unique interior pages. Here are some ideas for you;

  1. Coloring books for seniors
  2. Coloring books for adults
  3. Coloring books for toddlers
  4. Vehicle coloring books
  5. Flower coloring books
  6. Stress relief coloring books
  7. Coloring books for anxiety
  8. Dot marker coloring books
  9. Space coloring books for kids

Software Recommendation: Coloring Book Maker Too

Coloring books maker is one of the best software that I personally use to create coloring books. I recently published a toddlers coloring book using this tools and it is already making sales.

Coloring book maker comes with over 9,326 coloring elements with 127+ categories. This gives you the opportunity to create a wide range of unique coloring books for amazon kdp without using a design software.

>Checkout Coloring Book Maker Tool (opens in a new tab)”>>>Checkout Coloring Book Maker Tool

6. Children Story Books

Children’s story books are an essential part of a child’s development and growth. These books not only provide entertainment and keep children engaged but also help in imparting valuable life lessons and moral values.

They stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, allowing them to explore different worlds and cultures through colorful illustrations and captivating storytelling.

Through the characters and their experiences, children learn empathy, compassion, and problem-solving skills. Story books also play a vital role in developing a child’s language and literacy skills, expanding their vocabulary and language comprehension. 

Ideas for Story books

  1. Story books for babies 6-12 months
  2. Story books for 1 year old
  3. Bedtime story books
  4. Story books for toddlers 2-4 years
  5. Story books for toddlers 3-5 years
  6. Spanish story books for kids
  7. Story books for 6 month old babies
  8. Story books about math
  9. 5 minute story books for kids
  10. Story books about sharks
  11. Story books about owls

Software Recommendation for Creating Children Storybooks

For children story books you can use Canva. Once you have your story written, you can move on to canva and start creating story pages by adding relevant elements and images.

By the way, you can also checkout Children Book Creator Course by The Home Boss which teaches you the step by step process from idea generation to getting your children book live on amaozn. This is one of the best kdp course I enrolled in!

7. Prompt Journals

 If you’re thinking of selling prompt journals on Amazon, it’s a great idea. With the increasing demand for self-reflection and self-improvement, prompt journals have become a popular item among consumers. The Amazon platform provides a wide reach to potential customers, making it an ideal place to sell your prompt journals.

By creating engaging product listings, offering competitive pricing, and providing excellent customer service, you can attract buyers and build a successful business selling prompt journals on Amazon. 

Ideas for Creating Prompt Journals

I made a major portion of my kdp royalty with prompt journals. These are an evergreen type of books that sells through out the year. Here are some ideas for you;

  1. Writing prompts for kids ages 8-12
  2. Writing prompts for kids 1st grade
  3. Writing prompts for middle school
  4. Writing prompts for kids 2nd grade
  5. Journal prompts for mental health
  6. Prompt journal for kids
  7. Prompt journal for teens
  8. Prompt journal for writing women
  9. Writing prompts for kids
  10. Creative writing prompts journal
  11. Creative writing prompts for kids

There you have it. These are some of the best selling books ideas for medium content  books on amazon. Before publishing any books, make you sure you did proper niche research and create a worth-buying book.

Recommended Software to Create Prompt Journals

Creating writing prompts journals is very easy and straightforward process. All you need a list of prompts and a text editing software like Google Docs or MS Word. You can create a new documents and start adding one prompt per page.

You can also do this in Google Slide or MS PowerPoint.


I this blog post, I have shared 68 plus different ideas for publishing books on amazon and make passive income online. I hope you enjoyed the blog post! If you did, do share it with your friends on social media.



Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Content Books on Amazon

Q: Are medium content books profitable?

A: Yes, medium content books are extremely profitable. I personally made well over 10k royalty with a single medium content book. I do publish low content books but in my experience they are less profitable as compared to medium content.

Q: What is a medium content book?

A: Medium content book is a type of book where the interior pages contain text, tables, coloring elements, images and more. Coloring books, puzzle books and activity books are some of the example of such type of content books.

Q: What are low medium and high-content books?

A: Low content books have mostly repetitive pages, these can be totally blank are contain a bit of text or elements on them. Most of the time one page is repeated 100 or more times to create a book. Examples include sketchbooks, journals, planners and composition notebooks.

On the other hand, high content books are heavily text based. These represent the most popular books you see on amazon like self-help books, novels, and fiction books. Most of these books have between 5000 to 30000 words inside.

Q: What is considered a medium content book?

A: A book is considered medium content when the book interior pages are not repetitive and each page contain some text or element on it.

Q: What are low content books?

A: Low content books are books that contain minimal text and are designed to be filled in by the owner, such as journals, planners, and logbooks.

Q: How can I publish low content books on Amazon KDP?

A: To publish low content books on Amazon KDP, you can use their platform to create and sell low content books like journals, planners, and logbooks.

Q: What are some popular types of low content books?

A: Some popular types of low content books include gratitude journals, workbooks, planners, logbooks, and prompt journals.

Q: What is the royalty structure for low content books on Amazon KDP?

A: The royalty for low content books on Amazon KDP is determined based on factors such as the book’s list price, printing cost, and the sales channel used (e.g., Amazon.com, Expanded Distribution).

Q: How can I promote my low content books on Amazon?

A: You can promote your low content books on Amazon through keyword optimization, effective book descriptions, and utilizing Amazon’s advertising tools to reach your target audience.

Q: Can I make passive income by selling low content books on Amazon KDP?

A: Yes, by creating and publishing popular low content books, you can generate passive income from royalties as your books are sold on Amazon.

Q: What are the categories of low content books that sell well on Amazon KDP?

A: Some categories of low content books that sell well on Amazon KDP include gratitude journals, planners, logbooks, and niche-specific journals tailored to specific interests.

Q: Are there any specific keywords and categories I should consider when publishing low content books on Amazon?

A: Yes, it’s important to research and select relevant keywords and categories when publishing low content books on Amazon to improve discover-ability and visibility in search results.

Q: What are some design tools I can use to create professional low content book covers?

A: You can use design tools such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, or Affinity Designer to create professional and eye-catching covers for your low content books on Amazon KDP.

Q: Is it easy to publish low content books for Amazon Kindle in 2023?

A: Yes, it’s relatively easy to publish low content books for Amazon Kindle in 2023, especially with the availability of online tools and resources to guide you through the process.

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