Top 7 Best Selling Medium Content Books on Amazon in 2024

Welcome! This post contains 7 best selling medium content books on Amazon with sub-niche ideas to help you get started.

I have made most of my royalties from Amazon KDP by publishing medium-content books.

Luckily, I created my first batch of kdp books as writing prompts journals that fall under the umbrella of medium content books!

I also published low-content books like journals, sketchbooks, and composition notebooks but medium-content books sell well over time and I can price them a bit higher.

Most importantly, medium-content books are comparatively harder to create therefore the competition is lower as not all publishers are willing to put that much time and effort.

Keeping this in mind, I have been focussing a lot on medium content books including puzzle books and math workbooks. 


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And today in this blog post, I will be sharing some of the best-selling medium content books on Amazon. By best-selling medium content books, I am referring to those books that are currently generating good sales. 


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You can take this info as a starting point for your niche research or you can publish similar books just better than already created ones.

So, without further ado let’s just read more about these best-selling kdp medium content books.

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7 Best Selling Medium Content Books Ideas

7 best selling medium content books on amazon kdp

I have found these medium content book ideas just using the Amazon search bar and I also searched them on the Hot New Releases and Amazon Best Sellers under the books category. 

What does this tell me? It tells me that if I create very similar medium content books I can too get some very good book sales.

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# 1 – Variety Puzzle Books

relaxing variety puzzle book for adults large print

Variety puzzle books are really popular on Amazon and I can see books with low best-seller ranks and great customer feedback. 

As the name suggests, these specific puzzle books contain a mix of different puzzles including word search, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, and more. Have a look at the variety puzzle book, this is selling really well right now on Amazon.

relaxing variety puzzle book kdp niche

As you can see this publisher is targeting the keyword phrase “Relaxing Variety puzzle book for adults”. You can do a similar thing, you can create something like a relaxing variety puzzle book for seniors, for women, for men, and so on. 

The good news is, that you can easily create a variety of puzzle books using book bolt. This is a kdp tool that allows you to create a wide range of word puzzles including crossword, word search, sudoku, word scramble, cryptograms, and many more puzzles.

book bolt word puzzles for kdp

To find more sub-niches under the main niche I did a quick search using the Book bolt keyword finder tool and I saw a lot of niche ideas, a few are listed below;

book bolt keywords variety puzzle book

  • 2023 variety puzzle book
  • 2023 variety puzzle book for adults 
  • 2024 variety puzzle book 
  • 2024 variety puzzle book for adults
  • 2024 variety puzzle book for adults
  • big puzzle books for adults variety

Below you can also see some keyword ideas from Book Bolt along with Amazon search volume, Google search volume, cost per click, and competition. These numbers are estimates and don’t represent the actual data from Amazon.

Keyword/PhraseAMZ SV Google SV CPC Competition 
2023 variety puzzle book 4 275$0.00No data
2023 variety puzzle book for adults4 413$0.00No data
2024 variety puzzle book10 232$0.00No data
2024 variety puzzle book for adults10 462$0.00No data
puzzle variety3 45810$0.00Medium

In summary, the variety puzzle books are really popular on Amazon, and these represent what we call the evergreen niche for kdp publishers.

With a tool like Book Bolt, you can create these types of books very fast and publish them on kdp.

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# 2 – Word Search Puzzle Books

word search puzzles kdp medium content books niche

The second type of best-selling medium content book is the Word Search Puzzle Books which is a huge niche with a ton of sub-niches. For example, you can niche down and create word search puzzle books for kids, adults, women, seniors, and so on. 

I just did a quick search on Amazon and found this sub-niche “word search puzzle book for kids ages 6 to 12”. This exact keyword phrase has just over 650 Amazon search results which indicates relatively low competition.

word search puzzle book for kids ages 6-12

Now let’s have a look at some more profitable kdp niches to create word search puzzle books. I am going to use the Amazon search bar to find these niche ideas, then I will use the book bolt keyword finder to find more ideas.

  1. Word search puzzle for English learners
  2. 2024 word search large print puzzle books for adults
  3. 2023-2024 word search large print puzzle books for adults
  4. large print word search puzzles for seniors easy
  5. extra large print easy word search puzzles for seniors
  6. easy large print word search puzzles for seniors
  7. very hard word search for adults
  8. difficult word search for adults
  9. word search for adults spanish
  10. sopa de letras en espanol para adultos

Now here are some of the low-competition kdp word search niche ideas that I found using book bolt in under a minute. I just typed “word search” in the keyword finder tool and book bolt gave a lot of niche ideas, a few are as shown below.

word search puzzle book niches book bolt

As you can see three of these word search niches also have a Google search volume. Like the keyword “100 word search” has a Google search volume of 720 which is great.

👍 If you don’t have book bolt and want to create word search puzzle books fast then you can check out the instant puzzle generator which is a one-off payment of $47 and allows you to create high-quality word search puzzle books with ease.

This includes my bonus with 10 Low Competition Word Search Niches that you can publish books in right away (You will also get 60 Niche Ideas Plus 180 Word Search Keywords!).

# 3 – Math Workbooks

math workbooks kdp medium content book niche

This is one of my favorite medium content book niches and I generated decent sales in this niche as well. There is a massive demand for all types of math books on Amazon and these sell throughout the year.

When it comes to sub-niches, there are a ton of them under the main math workbook niche. I published just 5 math workbooks in 5 different sub-niches and generated well over $1500 in royalties.

addition subtraction math workbook 1st grade

As you can see in the screenshot above, the sub-niche “addition & subtraction math workbook 1st grade” has just over 1,000 Amazon search results. This means competition is still low for this type of math workbook. 

To help you get started, I am listing a few sub-niche ideas for creating math workbooks. You can take these ideas as a starting point do your own niche research to find more under-served niches.

  1. math workbook for kindergarten 
  2. 2 digit addition and subtraction
  3. 2nd grade addition and subtraction
  4. addition and subtraction 1st grade
  5. addition and subtraction practice book
  6. 1st grade math workbook division multiplication
  7. 3rd grade math workbooks multiplication and division
  8. addition subtraction multiplication division workbook
  9. beginners multiplication workbook 0-10
  10. beginning multiplication and division workbook

When it comes to creating math workbooks, I use math worksheets generator, a web-based app that allows me to create math workbooks in a few simple clicks. It’s a one-off payment and you can use it for a lifetime.

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# 4 – Toddlers Coloring Books

Toddler coloring books represent an evergreen kdp medium content niche and they sell like crazy. I can see a lot of individually published toddler coloring books that are selling like a hot cake.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this is an ABC coloring book which basically is a toddler coloring book and it’s selling very well. It’s currently a #1 best seller on Amazon in the pastel drawing category.

abc coloring book best selling medium content book

This is an individually published kdp coloring book and the publisher has done a great job with creating the book cover and the A+ content. Below you can see a section from the A+ content that really attracts potential customers.

look inside of abc coloring book

Sub-Niches for Toddlers Coloring Books

I did a quick niche research using book bolt and the Amazon search bar and found the following sub-niche ideas for creating toddler coloring books:

  1. ABC & 123 coloring book 
  2. ABC & 123 coloring book for toddlers
  3. ABC alphabet coloring book for kids
  4. Toddler colorig book 1-3
  5. Toddler coloring book ages 3-5
  6. Toddler coloring book vehicles
  7. Toddler coloring book animals
  8. airplane coloring book for toddlers
  9. baseball coloring book for toddlers
  10. big coloring book for toddlers

These coloring books are easy to create as the coloring pages are very simple keeping in mind the age range.

If you can’t create the coloring pages yourself, you can get them from Creative Fabrica. However, don’t use them as is, just make some changes to the coloring pages to make them look unique.

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# 5 – Learning To Write Books

Learning to write books are extremely popular on Amazon and you can expect some good book sales if you manage to target the right audience and create really useful books. 

Learning to write books/handwriting practice books are not only useful for kids but also provide an excellent source for adults who want to learn or improve their handwriting skills. Especially, people who are learning a new language also new books on how to write that specific language.

I did a quick search on Amazon and found this sub-niche/keyword that currently has very low competition. The niche is “learn to write books for kids ages 3-5”, it has over 1,000 search results on Amazon.

learn to write books for kids ages 3-5

Similarly, you can find more specific sub-niches with a little research. Like I found a book that only targets people with stroke. The book is “Relearn How to Write: Stroke Recovery Book” and it is targetting a specific group of people who want to learn how to write again.

stroke recover journal relearn to write

Sub-Niches for Learn to Write Books

To help you get started with your niche research process, I found the below sub-niche ideas under the main how to write books.

  1. learn to write books for adults
  2. learn to write books for 5 year olds
  3. books to learn how to write in cursive
  4. handwriting practice for adults
  5. cursive handwriting workbook for adults
  6. handwriting practice books for kids age 8-10
  7. left handwriting practice books for kids
  8. left handed writing practice book
  9. left handed cursive writing practice book
  10. alphabet handwriting practice workbook for kids
  11. Arabic alphabet letters practice handwriting workbook for kids

Take these sub-niche ideas as a starting point and try to find more low-competition niches for creating learning to write books. 

# 6 – Large Print Books

Large print books are books that are specially designed and formatted to have larger font sizes than traditional print books. 

They are primarily intended for readers who have difficulty reading standard-sized text due to visual impairments, such as those with low vision, seniors, or individuals with certain medical conditions that affect their eyesight.

large print books kdp niche

As per kdp, large print books should have a font size of 16 and above. So, you can easily create large print books by increasing the font size and targeting a huge kdp niche. These books are very popular among seniors and people with low vision. 

large print word search book low vision

As you can see in the screenshot above, this large print word search puzzle book is targetting people with low vision. All the publisher did to create this book is increased the font size.

You can do a similar thing with your normal books and target a totally different niche.

Next, I did a quick search on Amazon for “low vision activity book” and found this keyword has just over 570 Amazon search results which means the competition is still very low.

low vision activity books amazon kdp

Sub Niche Ideas for Large Print Books

Now just have a look at some of the sub-niches you can target to create large print books and sell them on Amazon KDP.

  1. large print word search puzzles for seniors
  2. extra large print word search puzzles for seniors
  3. password keeper book for seniors large print
  4. large print adult coloring book for seniors
  5. large print address book for seniors with tabs
  6. large print easy sudoku puzzle book for seniors
  7. accounting ledger book 12 column large print
  8. large print Quran with English translation
  9. large print sudoku puzzles for seniors
  10. large print sudoku puzzles for seniors with solutions

In summary, large print books are a very huge kdp niche and you publish a wide range of such books just by increasing the font size and using large images while creating book interiors.

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# 7 – Picture Books/Storybooks for Kids

Story books for kids are massively popular on Amazon and many indie publishers are making a ton of royalties by creating these short story books or picture books for kids. 

story book about empathy

These books do take some time and effort to create and do tend to sell throughout the year. Parents are always looking for storybooks that teach kids a lesson or any emotion like sharing, caring, empathy, and more.

short story book kdp medium content book niche

When it comes to creating stories, you can write them yourself or outsource them from Fiverr or Upwork. Alternatively, you can use an AI tool like ChatGPT to write a 500 to 1000 word long story for kids. 

Once you have your story written, you can grab some relevant graphics from sites like Creative Fabrica and start creating your storybook in Canva.

If you want a step-by-step process to create these types of picture books for kids you can check out Nuria’s kdp course Children’s Book Creator. I have taken this course myself and I would say that the creator has done a great job and included every bit of information you need to create an illustrated children’s book.

Sub-Niches for Children’s Storybooks/Picture Books

Below are some of the sub-niche ideas for children’s picture books and storybooks. I found them from Amazon’s search suggestions, you can do your own research to check these ideas for potential competition and profitability.

  1. storybook about kindness
  2. kids story book about birds
  3. story book for kids about dogs
  4. illustrated kids story book about space
  5. picture books for children ages 8-10
  6. Picture books for children ages 4-6
  7. Picture books for toddlers 1-3
  8. Picture books for children ages 6-8
  9. Story books for toddlers 3-5 years
  10. story books for toddlers 3-5 years big print

To summarize picture books and story books for kids are extremely popular and you can expect decent royalties if you manage to put together a worth buying book in this niche.

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To Summarize

In this blog post, I have shared 7 of the best-selling medium content book ideas on Amazon. You can get started with one of them, it will take more time than creating a low-content book but the rewards are higher as well.

I sincerely hope that this blog post has been useful for you. If that is true for you then do share it with your friends, just click on one of the social sharing icons below. Thank you for sharing!

Talk to you soon,


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