About Subha Malik

about subha malik

Subha Malik is a Blogger, KDP Self Publisher, and YouTuber. He loves to write about Low Content & No Content Publishing via Amazon KDP.

Subha Malik has over 9 years of experience in blogging self-publishing and affiliate marketing. He specializes in creating content about passive income ideas, particularly low-content book publishing via Amazon KDP.

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Email: subhamalik@lowcontentprofits.com

My Work Story

I have been publishing low content books via Createspace and KDP for last almost five years. I published my very first low content book via Createspace in May 2017. Since then I continue publishing both no content and low content books and now I have a wide range of books that bring me passive income every single month!

I have been earning passive income via Amazon Kdp since June 2017. Obviously, things started very slow and gradually turned into a full-time income for me.

In January 2021 I was able to leave my 9 to 5 job mainly due to amazon kdp! I also run a Youtube Channel where I teach the same thing i.e. my experience and knowledge about kdp low content and no content books!