How I Made $990 Selling 6 Medium Content Books On KDP!

During the last 90 days, I have made $990 by selling 6 medium content books on Amazon KDP. 

Out of those 6 books, 5 are math workbooks and one is a coloring book. 

In this article, I will break down things like the total units sold per book, total royalties by title, and my total ad spent for the last 90-day period.

My KDP Royalties From 6 Medium Content Books

how i made $990 with 6 kdp medium content books

First of all, have a look at the total royalties from those 6 kdp titles.

As you can see in the screenshot, I have made a little over $990 between Oct 1 and December 29 approximately 90 days. 


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Kdp income last 90 days


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You can also see a big blue line with indicates my best day in terms of royalties. Yes, I made well over $100 in a single day. That happened because one of my math workbooks got a bulk order on OCT 6. 

I also had some very good days and some not-so-good-earning days. On my good days, I was making around $25 per day and on slower days I earned $2 or less.

So, on average I made $330 per month with 6 kdp titles. Now have a look at royalties by title.

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KDP Royalties By Title

As the screenshot shows, my best-selling book brought me over $759 in royalties. My second best-selling book made $123.38 and my third book ended up making $44.01. 

Kdp income by title last 90 days

The other three titles made me £38.64, $21.19 and $3.72 respectively. Now let’s have a look at the total units sold by all these 6 titles combined.

KDP Book Sales By Title

During the last 90 days, my 6 kdp medium content books brought in 704 book sales combined. The best-selling book sold 493 units, the second best-selling book brought in 99 sales, and the third one stayed at 56 units sold.

Kdp orders by title last 90 days

The other three titles make 40, 13, and 3 book sales respectively during the last three months ie. OCT to DEC.

My Advertising Cost (KDP Ad Spend)

Below is my ad spend screenshot from the last 90 days. I kept running kdp ads every single day to rank my books for the relevant keywords.

kdp ad spend last 90 days

In total, I spend over $571 (US Dollars) on kdp ads. I spend the majority of my ad budget on 3 books only. I tested ads for the other three titles as well but they didn’t make any good ROI.

I got 2,701.17 in total sales and my ACost (Advertising Cost) was 21.15% which is great. My ads got 1,542 clicks to get these 2,701.17 sales.

My Net KDP Income

So, after netting expenses, my net kdp income stayed at $419 which is not huge. However, the good thing is I made a good profit every single month. 

On average I made an extra $139 per month which I think is a good return on investment considering the fact I only published that many books.

Final Thoughts

Making money with Amazon kdp is more about strategy and less about luck. 

If you publish good quality books, and you utilize the book promotion options like kdp ads, you can make decent money with fewer books.  

You can see I made the most money with 3 books out of these 6 books. Now I can scale these books even further by increasing my ad spend and tweaking my book description and A+ Content.

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Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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