Math Worksheets Generator Review for Amazon KDP… Is it Worth it?

Early education is a vast area on Amazon for publishing low-content books and earning passive income. Inside this massive area, math workbooks make the prevalent and profitable niche. 

I have published a couple of math workbooks via kdp and one of them has been selling consistently well in the Canadian marketplace. The book I am mentioning here was created manually and it took me a lot of time to create.

However, with the release of Math Worksheets Generator, now I can create math workbooks in a matter of hours. I am saying this based on my own experience, I have access to this software and have created two math workbooks in a few days only.

After seeing the great opportunity and the massive usefulness of the software, I am going to share with you a complete review of the math worksheets generator. So, do read this post till the very end…

What is Math Worksheets Generator?

Math worksheets generator is math software that creates math worksheets in a matter of minutes. It can save a lot of your time and effort and help you create math workbooks with great ease. 

I must say, Math Worksheets Generator is a dream come true for many kdp publishers who want to create math workbooks to earn passive income via kdp and other Edu sites. 


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The cool thing is, that this math software was created by two kdp publishers Niranjan Pradhan and BP Mishra. The two co-creators understand the needs and the problems of kdp publishers and they have released a couple of other kdp book creation tools as well. 

I also have used one of their previously released tool that is Instant Puzzle Generator and it allows you to create Word Search Puzzle Books with great ease.


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The tools by these two kdp publishers include Hand Drawn Mazes, Instant Maze Generator, and Word Puzzles Generator

My Experience with Math Worksheets Generator

Since I first got my hands on the amazing math software, I have created and uploaded 5 math workbooks on Amazon KDP. From those 5 math workbooks so far I have made well over $2100 in royalties.

math workbooks royalties 2022-20233

Here, you can see a gap starting from Jan 2023 to July 2023, that was the period where this specific kdp account stayed terminated in error. Sor, these royalties are only for the 7 months not the whole year.

To me, these numbers are awesome as I have only published 5 math workbooks and already made over $2100 in royalties.

Math Worksheets Generator Review, Is It Any Good for Amazon KDP

math worksheet generator review is it any good

Before seeing the software in action, let me tell you a bit more about the software and the optional upgrades with extra features. 

This math software comes with a default Front End version and three optional upgrades. To have access to the math worksheets generator, you will need first to purchase the base or front-end version and then you can purchase optional upgrades. 

Below I will discuss these 4 Versions in detail so that you can have a crystal clear idea of what should expect for each upgrade.

# 1 – Math Worksheets Generator (FE)

This is the base version that you must purchase. In other words, you can’t buy the upgrade directly. 

With the front-end version of the math software, you can create 100% unique math worksheets that you can publish on amazon kdp or sell on sites like Teachers Pay Teachers, Etsy, and Amazon Ignite. 

There is a lot you can create with the frond end version like you can create addition worksheets, subtraction, worksheets, multiplication, and division worksheets in a few clicks. 

What You Can Create With MWG

With Math Worksheets Generator FE You Get Math Elements Covering Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, And Division.

Even with the basic version, you can create a lot of math workbooks or worksheets with great ease. Below I will be showing you an overview of what you can do with this amazing math software.

Addition Worksheets

You can create very simple to more complex math worksheets keeping in mind the age group or grade level of the kids. MGW makes it super easy to create math workbooks for different grade levels that you can publish on amazon kdp.

addition worksheets sample

Subtraction Worksheets

Subtraction worksheets are very tricky to create especially for younger kids and the math worksheets generator does it very well. MWG generates all the subtraction worksheets with a whole number as a solution, not the negative integers.

Subtraction Worksheets Main

Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication workbooks are the toughest ones to create when you do them manually. But math worksheets generator makes it extremely easy for you to create multiplication workbooks for amazon kdp.

The software gives you full control over the type of multiplication problem you want to add to your multiplication workbooks. 

multiplication worksheets main

Division Worksheets

Division worksheets are also very tricky to create as you need to spend more time and effort to get them right. With MWG you can quickly create division worksheets of your choice and turn them into a math workbook to publish on kdp.

Division worksheets main

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Math Worksheets Generator In Action

Below I will show you the step-by-step process to create the math worksheets in a few clicks…

Once you first log into your cloud-based app using the login info you receive via email, you will see the following dashboard.

dashboard math worksheets generator

Here you need to click on the Access Now button that will take you to the next screens where you will have access to different versions of the software, and also have links to purchase the upgrades (if you need so).

math worksheets generator fe

As we are currently working with the FE version of the software, therefore, you can click on the “Math Worksheets Generator FE” link as shown in the screenshot above.

Math Worksheets Generator Collections

Once you click on the Access now button, the software will take you to the collections interface where you can create and manage your collections. These come in handy if you need to create different math worksheets or workbooks.

Here I have created my own collection with the name “math workbook for grade 2”. Have a look at the screenshot below.

math worksheets generator collections

Once you click on your collection, you will be taken to the editor that looks like the below screenshot.

math worksheets generator editor

Math Worksheets Generator Page Setup

Before creating math worksheets, you can set up the page trim size, page numbers, and margins that are especially crucial for amazon kdp. 

To do that you can click on the settings option from the very left menu, and then choose your trim size, show or hide page numbers, and set page margins.

The screenshot below explains it better…

math worksheets generator page settings

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3 Steps To Create Unique Math Worksheets

From now create math worksheets is simply a 3 step process, in other words, you are 3 clicks away from creating your first math worksheet.

Step #1 Select a Math Template

Here you can click on one of the math elements under the relevant segment, you can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. 

For example, if you need to create an addition worksheet you will have 52 different templates, that are basically different styles of math worksheets. 

math worksheets templates

Here I am going to click on the very first template under the addition collection. Once I click the very first template it will automatically add a beautiful-looking addition worksheet.

simple addition math worksheets

This will be my first step in creating an addition worksheet inside the math worksheets generator. In the next step, I will be customizing the look and feel of this simple math worksheet.

Step #2 Customize and Clone Math Worksheets

Now I can customize and clone this worksheet to create a whole book or a section of my math workbook. To do that, just click on the worksheet itself and the software will open a settings menu on the left side.

math worksheet settings page

The settings page has a ton of customizations that you can do to create 100% unique math worksheets. Following are some of the customization you can do using this settings page. 

  • Change the number of rows
  • Change the number of columns
  • Grid item height and width
  • Row and column spacing
  • First operand range
  • Second operand range
  • Operand setting
  • Show or hide the index
  • Chose index type
  • Result block border style
  • Divider thickness
  • Divider style
  • And more..

There is a lot of other customization you can do using the top menu. The settings menu appears once you click on the worksheet.

top menu math worksheet generator

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can do the following customizations to your math worksheets;

  • Change font type
  • Change font size
  • Add custom text
  • Regenerate worksheet
  • Add a new page
  • Clone the existing page (Create a totally different worksheet)
  • Local Download worksheet as PNG, JPG, or PDF
  • And a global download button to download the whole document as PNG, JPG, or PDF.

You can also bulk delete pages, randomize pages, and generate solutions for all worksheets in one click. 

Note you can create one page and once you are happy with it you can use the clone button as many times as many pages you want to create. Like I am going to create 10 different pages, therefore, I will clone the first page 9 times.

Most importantly, every cloned page contains totally different problems maintaining the look and feel of the worksheet. In other words, you don’t need to customize every single page, customize the first page, and keep cloning to create a whole math workbook.

So, there is a lot you can do with a math worksheet generator to create totally unique-looking math worksheets for kids and adults.

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Step #3 Download Your Math Workbook

This is the third and final step of math worksheets/workbook creation. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the worksheet you can clone it to create more unique pages. 

I have created 10 pages for the sake of demonstration, and now I am going to download them as a pdf file using the global download button. But before downloading the workbook, I would like to create the solutions as well.

For solutions, you can click on the eye button toward the left of the worksheet as shown below;

show solutions math worksheet generator

Once you click on the show solutions button the software generates solutions for each problem and adds them toward the end of the workbook.

solutions page math worksheet generator

Now you can click on the download button towards the top right corner and download the whole workbook as a PNG, jpg, or pdf file. I am going to download it as a PDF file.

Math Workbook For Grade 2

If you are curious, you can see the full pdf file along with solutions here:

That’s it! You can create stunning math worksheets in a few clicks and publish them on Amazon KDP or any other print-on-demand sites as allowed by the creator.

You can create double-digit, triple-digit addition, and subtraction worksheets with much ease. Similarly, with the basic version of the math worksheets generator, you can create multiplication and division worksheets as well.

The front-end version comes with some limitations that should be kept in mind too.

Some Limitations Of the Front End Version

Though the front-end or basic version of this math software allows you to create unique math worksheets for kids and adults, however, it has certain limitations as well. 

With the FE version, you can’t;

  • Add your own images
  • Create step multiplication
  • Create long division worksheets
  • Bulk clone page
  • Download the workbook as PPTX
  • Download more than 100 workbooks per month

These features are supported in the first upgrade also known as Math Worksheets Generator Pro. 

# 2 – Math Worksheets Generator PRO

The first upgrade of this math software is Math Worksheets Generator PRO which comes with all the features of the FE version plus a few pro features. 

math worksheets generator pro features

Below I will walk you through some of the additional features of this upgraded version.

👍 Step Multiplication Component

With the pro version, you will have access to the premium math component that allows you to create stunning step multiplication worksheets in a few clicks.

The step multiplication problems are difficult to create when you do them manually and you will end up wasting a lot of time too. However, with MWG Pro you can do the same work in a few minutes.

step multiplication element

👍 Long Division Component

This is the 2nd premium math component that you can have access to if you decide to purchase the pro version.

It allows you to create long division problems with or without regrouping. Also, you can create division problems with or without the remainder, that’s a really powerful feature in itself.

long division math component

👍 Adding Three or More Numbers

With the front-end version, you can only add two numbers, however, the pro version allows you to create addition problems with three or more numbers. 

With this math component, you will be able to create addition problems with three or more numbers. There are no restrictions on how many numbers you want to have in your addition problems.

In this way, you can create complex math workbooks for older kids or adults. In other words with the pro version, you can publish more books in different niches hence diversifying your library of math workbooks.

add three or more numbers

👍 Upload Your Own Images

The pro version of the math worksheet generator also gives you the ability to add/upload your own images. With your own images, you can differentiate your math workbooks from the crowd and make them sell better.

You can take graphics from sites like Creative Fabrica, Vecteezy, or Pixabay and upload them on the canvas of MWG, and start creating stunning math workbooks.

upload your own images

You can see I have uploaded my own custom-made header that goes on every math worksheet and gives it a unique look and feel.

👍 Download PPTX Files

To me, this is an extremely powerful feature of Math Worksheet Generator Pro. You can download your workbook as a PowerPoint file and keep it as a source file that you can edit later on. 

Or you can add other elements to your math workbooks to make them more appealing.

download pptx file

👍 Bulk Clone Pages

This feature alone saves you a ton of your time. Once you have a great layout for your math worksheet and want to replicate it across 100 pages, you can do this in a single click using the bulk clone feature.

The thing I like the most about the bulk clone feature is, that it creates a unique math worksheet on every single page, that’s really powerful.

bulk clone pages math worksheets

👍 Unlimited Color Choices

The pro version also comes with a color panel that allows you to change the color of the operands, operators, fonts, and many other elements. 

You can choose any color, as there are no restrictions on the color palette, pick any color and change the hue and saturation to have the color of your own choice. 

unlimited color choices

The colorful math pages are especially useful for creating kdp covers and selling printables on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

👍 Global Randomizer Feature

With the global randomizer feature, you can shuffle the order of your pages in a single click. The cool thing is all the solutions get adjusted automatically.

Global Randomizer Feature

👍 Global Delete Option

The next fantastic feature that you get with the pro upgrade is the global delete option. If for any reason, you want to delete all the pages in a workbook, you can click on the global delete button towards the top left of the canvas.

What I Think About The PRO Version

I upgraded to the pro version because I wanted to add my own images that I create in Canva. Secondly, with the pro version, I can create more types of math workbooks targeting more niches. 

And the third reason I bought the pro version is, that I can create colorful math worksheets that I can sell on Teachers Pay Teachers as printables. 

If you want to diversify your income beyond the Amazon KDP, you can upgrade to the pro version and start creating math worksheets to sell on sites like Etsy and TPT. Or you can sell these worksheets through your own website or Shopify store.

With the pro version;

  • You will have more control over the look and feel of your math workbooks
  • You can stand out in the sea of other math workbooks by using your own images, elements, and color schemes.
  • You can save a ton of your precious time with the bulk clone feature and create a math workbook in minutes.
  • You can target more niches, hence make more money

Now, it is time to look into the 2nd upgrade…

# 3 – Math Worksheets Generator PREMIUM

The second upgrade is MWG Premium which gives you 5x more value by giving you access to 5 more sub-niches and 100s of math elements.

With math worksheets generator premium upgrade you can create math workbooks targeting 5 underserved math niches. These niches are currently dominated by the big publishing houses that spend a ton of money to create these complex math workbooks. 

But with the release of Math Worksheets Generator Premium, you can literally compete with these big publishing houses while being an indie author.

Below I will be sharing the components you will have access to create math books across the five popular math sub-niches…

👍 Reading Time Component

This is one of my favorite math components inside the mwg premium upgrade. Previously I created these reading or telling the time worksheets manually inside PowerPoint and it took me a lot of time.

Now with this reading time math component, I can quickly create worksheets for kids that teach them how to tell the time. There are 398 different styles of time worksheets you can create using the reading time component.

reading time math worksheets 1

You can create a ton of different worksheets for kids to help them learn to read the time. As you can see in the below worksheet students can draw the minute and hour hand after reading the time below the clock.

reading time math worksheets 2

👍 Lattice Multiplication Component

Lattice multiplication, also known as the Italian method, is a method of teaching multiplication that uses a lattice to multiply two multi-digit numbers. 

This method of multiplication is similar to the conventional long multiplication algorithm, however, it uses smaller steps that make it comparatively easy for some people. Though this method is a very well-accepted way of teaching math, however, creating lattice multiplication worksheets is extremely difficult.

Now with MWG Premium, you can create lattice multiplication workbooks in a few clicks. As you can see in the screenshot below I clicked on one of the lattice multiplication components inside MWG and it created a beautiful-looking lattice multiplication in a few seconds.

lattice multiplication worksheets

Next, I can add some text toward the top of this page and then use the bulk clone page feature to create hundreds of lattice multiplication worksheets in a matter of minutes.

👍 Fractions Component

Fractions is another popular math sub-niche and can be really profitable too. By using the fractions component of MWG Premium you can create hundreds of different fractions worksheets in a few clicks.

fractions worksheets 1

You can create proper, improper, mixed, like, and unlike fractions. The fractions component covers fractions problems involving fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, conversion, and comparison.

There are 290 different types of fraction styles and variations you can create using MWG. Below I have created another page to show you the power of the fractions component.

fractions worksheets 2

👍 Percentages Component

Math workbooks created using percentages worksheets are also popular ways of teaching math to kids, teens, and adults. With the help of the percentages component, you can quickly create awesome math worksheets for finding percentages or converting percentages into decimals.

percentages math component

There are 15 different types of fractions worksheets or components you can create with the mwg premium upgrade.

👍 Decimals Component

This is the fifth sub-niche you can create math workbooks in. With your MWG Premium upgrade, you can create worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

decimals worksheets

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have added three different problems for addition, subtraction, and division. This feature comes in handy when you need to create math workbooks for higher grade levels or adults.

My Thoughts About MWG Premium

The premium upgrade of the Math worksheet generator gives you an edge over the competition as it allows you to create a wide range of math workbooks with great ease. 

If you ask me, I really like the Reading Time and Fractions components as I can differentiate my books from the crowd and add more types of math problems inside my math workbooks. 

# 4 – Math Worksheets Generator ELITE

This is the third and final upgrade of the math worksheet generator that gives you access to 750+ done-for-you illustrations. These illustrations are created by professional designers and you can’t find them anywhere online.

All illustrations come with commercial use and there is no recurring monthly or yearly payment rather you can get all these illustrations for a lifetime one-off payment. 

You will have access to;

  • 500 Customer Illustrations
  • 100 custom borders
  • 100 custom shapes
  • 50 arrows

This upgrade is especially useful if you want to create stunning math workbooks that stand out more and keep generating passive income in the long run. 

On top of that, you can use these illustrations to create beautiful-looking math worksheets to sell on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers as printables.

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The Math Workbooks Niche You Can Target

As I mentioned above, with the Elite upgrade you will have access to over 750 stunning illustrations, shapes, and borders. By having access to these unique design elements you can target a lot of sub-niches under the main math workbooks niche.

The niches you can target include;

  • Animals,
  • Desserts
  • Education
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Holidays and Vacations
  • Home and Nature
  • Objects
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Vegetables
  • Vehicles

Math Worksheets Generator Elite In Action

You can see, that I have created simple reading time worksheets for kids using a premium border and the reading time component.

Similarly, you can create a ton of other stunning math worksheets with the elite upgrade. These illustrations, shapes, and borders give a unique look to your math workbooks which is what you need to make more sales.

Here are some more math worksheets that I have created using math components, borders, shapes, and arrows.

As you can see with these premium illustrations you can create an unlimited supply of math worksheets to publish on Amazon KDP as math workbooks or sell them as printables. <img math worksheets for kids 1-3>

What I Think About The Elite Upgrade

Although you can create a lot of math workbooks using the front-end version and the pro version, however, the elite upgrade can be a great option if you want to spice up your math workbooks. 

With the premium illustrations, borders, and shapes you can take your math worksheets to the next level and you can create really interesting workbooks for kids. 

The thing I like about the elite upgrade is it comes with lifetime access and gives you a hassle-free commercial license.

My Final Verdict

I have been using Math Worksheets Generator FE and Pro version for a month or so and have created 2 math workbooks till the time of writing this blog post. I am planning to create more math workbooks using FE and Pro versions to publish on amazon kdp.

While I am also planning to create printables to list on Teachers Pay Teachers, where I already have a shop and have listed some printables as well. 

Should you purchase MWG? 

Well, it’s a great math software and has the capabilities to create stunning math workbooks that you can publish on kdp and other educational sites as printables.

However, if you are brand new and don’t have surplus money then go with free tools and first start making some monthly earnings then you can be in a position to invest in such great tools.

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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