5 Creative Ways To Use ChatGPT For Low Content Books!

Welcome to my blog, my name is Subha and in this blog post, I will share some really helpful ways you can use ChatGPT for your low content books. After going through this blog post, you will be able to get the most out of this revolutionary A.I technology and will be able to create high-quality low content books in less time.

The good news is I am going to share with you an amazing free tool that can greatly help with using chat gpt for your low content book publishing. I have been testing this out for the last week and found it really helpful.

In fact, you can do a major part of your low content publishing with the help of chatgpt. In this blog post, I am going to cover how to use chatgpt to;

  • Coming up with profitable book ideas
  • Writing compelling book titles and subtitles
  • Writing a high converting kdp book description
  • Coming up with book cover ideas
  • Coming up with kdp interior ideas

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5 Amazing Ways to Use ChatGPT for KDP Low Content Books

how to use chatgpt for kdp low content books

As you may already know chatgpt works on prompts, a set of instructions you give this a.i tool to get your desired outcome. The results you get highly depend upon the input or prompt you entered in the chat box. 

AIPRM for ChatGP (Chrome Extention)

If you don’t know how to write effective chatgpt prompts, you can install a free chrome extension with many pre-written chatgpt prompts. This chrome extension is called “AIPRM for ChatGPT”. 


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You can google it, or get it from this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/aiprm-for-chatgpt/ojnbohmppadfgpejeebfnmnknjdlckgij

Once installed, you will see AIPRM prompts on the chatgpt chat page, have a look at the screenshot below.


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aiprm chrome extension

As you can see, there are two tabs, Public prompts, and Own Prompts. From the public prompts tab, you can access chatgpt prompts created by experts and other people you and me. You can tool create and save your prompts for future use. 

As we are more concerned about low content books, so we need prompts related to kdp only. To do that you can type KDP in the search box as shown below.

airpm kdp prompts

You can use these prompts or create your own and save them. So, let’s use chat gpt for low content books!

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# 1 – Coming Up With Profitable Book Ideas Using ChatGPT

You can find profitable low content book ideas by entering a simple prompt into chatgpt. Below is a sample prompt that I used to come up with profitable book ideas

“your job is to find and make a list of profitable low content book ideas. I need to create low content books to publish them via amazon kdp as paperback books. Make sure these books have a low competition and a fairly good demand.”

By entering this simple prompt, chatgpt gave me the following book ideas with a very concise insight about each book idea. 

“Sure, here are some profitable low content book ideas that you could consider:

  1. Coloring books for adults: Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular, with many people using them as a form of stress relief. You could create coloring books with various themes such as mandalas, animals, landscapes, and more.
  2. Journals and planners: Journals and planners are always in demand, and you could create low content books with prompts, quotes, and other features to make them unique.
  3. Puzzle books: Puzzle books such as crosswords, Sudoku, and word searches are popular among all age groups. You could create low content books with a variety of puzzles and difficulty levels.
  4. Recipe books: Recipe books with blank pages for readers to write down their favorite recipes or create their own are a great idea. You could create themed recipe books, such as dessert recipes or vegetarian recipes.
  5. Sketchbooks: Sketchbooks with blank pages for drawing, sketching, and doodling are always in demand. You could create sketchbooks with various themes such as animals, nature, or fantasy.
  6. Gratitude journals: Gratitude journals with prompts to help readers express their gratitude are a popular choice. You could create gratitude journals with different themes, such as gratitude for family, friends, or nature.
  7. Activity books for kids: Activity books for kids with coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, and other fun activities are always in demand. You could create low content books with different themes such as animals, fairy tales, or superheroes.
  8. Travel journals: Travel journals with prompts to help readers document their travels are a great idea. You could create travel journals with different themes such as road trips, international travel, or camping trips.

Chatgpt also advises you to do proper research before creating a book, the kind of general advice you kept hearing from people teaching low content book publishing. Here is what chatgpt is saying;

“Remember to research your chosen niche thoroughly before creating your low content book. Check out the competition and see what sells well in your chosen niche. Also, make sure to create high-quality designs and layouts to make your book stand out.”

Though the surface-level ideas shared by chat gpt are very competitive ones, however, if you look at the sub-niche ideas some of these are actually good ones. You can also do a trick to find more sub-niche ideas. 

Just reply to the original chat with something like; “Give me some more sub-niche ideas for activity books”. By doing so, chatgpt will give you a list of sub-niches for low content books. 

finding kdp niches using chatgpt

In this way, you can use chatgpt to come up with low content book ideas with low competition and high profitability. You can play around the entering different prompts to find more profitable book ideas. 

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# 2 – Writing Compelling Book Titles And Subtitles

You can use chatgpt to create attention-grabbing book titles for your low content and medium-content books. To create book titles, you can either write your own prompt or use the one from the Chrome extension mentioned above in this post. 

What I found is, one of the prompts from the AIPRM extension is really great. To access the prompt you can type “kdp Title” in the search bar of AIPRM and click on the prompt that says, “KDP Title Generator Pro: Discover Low-Competition, High-Ranking Book Titles”.

chatgpt kdp book title prompt

Now you can type the details about your kdp niche and some info about your target audience. For example, if you want to create titles for a coloring book for toddlers, you can enter;

“give me title ideas: coloring book for toddlers with 35 vehicle coloring pages”. You can also add the age range if you want to and hit enter. Here are the book title ideas that chatgpt gave me for a toddlers coloring book.

  1. “35 Fun Vehicle Coloring Pages for Toddlers”
  2. “Toddler Coloring Book: 35 Vehicle Pages to Inspire Imagination”
  3. “My First Vehicle Coloring Book for Toddlers: 35 Pages of Fun”
  4. “Vroom Vroom! A Coloring Book for Toddlers with 35 Vehicle Pages”
  5. “Get Ready to Color: 35 Vehicle Pages for Your Toddler”

One amazing thing about this AIRPM prompt is, that it also gives a lot of info about your target niche, target audience, and demographics. You can use this info to create a high-converting book description and help your book rank high in search results.

chat gpt kdp title strategies

Side note: Double check book titles provided by chatgpt for any copyright and trademark infringement. Make sure you are not using a book title that is exactly the same as an already published book (especially the best-selling one!).

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# 3 – Writing Compelling KDP Book Description

This is another very good way to use chatgpt for your low content books. You can give your target keyword to the AI tool and ask it to create a compelling book description for it. 

I have good news for you, I have already written a prompt for kdp book description and shared it publicly. You can access it using the AIRPM chrome extension. Just type “Book Description (KDP)” in the search box and click on the below prompt.

create a best selling book description for kdp

Here, you need to give every little detail to chatgpt so that it can create the type of book description you are looking for. For example, you can ask chatgpt;

 “Write a compelling book description for: “My First Toddlers Coloring Book – 35 Fun Vehicle Coloring Pages for Toddlers”. Your job is to create an attention-grabbing intro that mentions some of the pain points a buyer may have. Write the benefits of the book in bullet points. Finally, add a call to action towards the end that asks the buyer to buy now or add to the cart.”

creating compelling book description for kdp using chatgpt

Based on this simple prompt, chatgpt has written a really good book description. You can read it below;

Introducing “My First Toddlers Coloring Book” – the perfect solution for parents looking to keep their little ones entertained and engaged!

Are you tired of your toddler constantly getting into mischief or begging for screen time? Do you struggle to find age-appropriate activities that your child will actually enjoy? Look no further than “My First Toddlers Coloring Book”!

This coloring book features 35 fun and engaging vehicle-themed coloring pages designed specifically for toddlers. Your child will love coloring everything from cars and trucks to airplanes and boats, all while improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Benefits of “My First Toddlers Coloring Book” include:

  • 35 unique and exciting coloring pages featuring various vehicles
  • Large and easy-to-color designs perfect for tiny hands
  • High-quality paper that can withstand the toughest of toddler scribbles
  • Promotes creativity and imagination
  • Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages relaxation and mindfulness
  • Screen-free activity that parents can feel good about

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your child a fun and educational activity that they will love! Click “Buy Now” or add to cart to get your copy of “My First Toddlers Coloring Book” today.

In my opinion, this description is fantastic. However, you can make a few tweaks to make it unique to you. Like you can find some info about the number of pages, book size, book cover type, and age range.

# 4 – Coming Up With Book Cover Ideas

If you want to create eye-catching covers for your low content books then you can use chatgpt to come up with best-selling book cover ideas for your specific. For that, you need to have clarity about your target audience. 

For best results, you need to write a book title and subtitle beforehand. In this way, you will have more clarity about the type of book cover you want to create. You can also look at some of the best-selling books on amazon and take notes. 

Next, you can write a chatgpt prompt similar to this one, “Imagine you are an expert book cover designer and can create eye-catching book covers for amazon. The book cover has big and bold titles with a focused image. You can create covers that really speak to the target audience and invite them to click. Now write 5 book cover ideas about My First Vehicle Coloring Book for Toddlers.”

coming up with book cover ideas using chatgpt

I gave the same prompt to chatgpt and it has given some really good book cover ideas. Here is one, that I like the most out of those five ideas. 

“Color Your Way to Fun: My First Vehicle Coloring Book for Toddlers” – This cover has a bright, fun feel with a title that uses colorful block letters against a white background. The focus image could be a happy toddler in a car or truck, with a pile of coloring books and crayons on the seat next to them.”

In this way, you can have a lot of book cover ideas for your low content and medium-content books. Now let’s try creating kdp book interiors using chatgpt.

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# 5 – Coming Up With Kdp Interior Ideas

One amazing thing about using chatgpt is, it can give you a lot of ideas for kdp book interiors as well. You can use these ideas to create your low content books in Canva or any other design software.

For example, if you want to create a Log Book Notebook for Truckers, you can ask chatgpt to create a sample design for you. The cool thing is you can create multiple vacations of the log book using chatgpt and take ideas.

I asked the chatgpt, “create a log book notebook for truckers in columns”. Below is the log book that chatgpt has created for me which I can recreate in canva and make a few tweaks so that it’s a unique one.

log book notebook for truckers using chatgpt

In this way, you can get ideas from chatgpt and start creating your low content book interiors. However, you shouldn’t copy the design as is, because a lot of other people are also using chatgpt for similar purposes.

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Final Thoughts About Using ChatGPT for KDP Low Content Books

As I have shown you in this blog post, chatgpt is really powerful AI tool that you can use to your advantage. You can speed up your low content publishing business by getting chatgpt to do various aspects of it. 

However, I would like you to use chatgpt’s content as a starting point and add your creation as well. By doing so, you will always be ahead of your competition. 

I sincerely hope you’ve found this blog post helpful. If so, then do share this with your family and friends, just click on one of the social sharing icons below this post. 

Thanks, Subha

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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