10 Best KDP Niches 2024 To Make Passive Income Online!

Welcome to my blog, I am happy to see you here. Like I did last year, I am going to share some best kdp niches for 2023. The idea is to stick with some good kdp niche right from the start to make a decent passive income from amazon kdp. 

In this blog post, I am sharing some of the most profitable niches for KDP in 2024. All these niches can potentially make you a very good monthly income provided you chose the right sub-niche and create worth buying books. 

Before diving into the list of profitable kdp niches for 2024, let me share some key points for succeeding with amazon kdp in 2024 and beyond. If you have watched my video about How I Made $967 with 5 Medium Content Books, then you may already know that I am now focussing on medium content books. 

Some key notes for making maximum royalties from amazon kdp in 2024 and many more years to come you will have to keep in mind the following things;

  • Simple line journals, sketchbooks, and other similar low-content books are very less likely to sell on kdp in 2024. Exceptions are always there, a very few people may succeed with them too but the majority won’t.
  • You can’t expect to make passive income by publishing a ton of books without proper research, it won’t work anymore.
  • You need to focus on more complex books that don’t have repetitive pages inside.
  • You should be creating educational workbooks, puzzle books, activity books, and coloring books.
  • You may have to run amazon ads as soon as the book goes live on amazon
  • You need to find underserved sub-niches to get organic sales

These are some key points you need to keep in mind while creating books for amazon kdp otherwise you may not succeed with this self-publishing thing.

I have stopped publishing lined journals, sketchbooks, and composition notebooks as these were not working well for me. Now I am focussing on math workbooks and have plans to create puzzle books and activity books as well. 

👉 I have written a detailed blog post mentioning the top reasons why you should switch from low-content books to medium-content books you can read it here.


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10 Best Selling Amazon KDP Niches 2024 and Beyond!


I have carefully selected the following kdp niche for 2024 and many years to come. All these books take more time and effort to create and have a greater potential of making passive income for a longer period of time. 


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# 1 – Math Workbooks – My Personal Favorite!

math workbooks kdp niche 2023

If you are looking to make a ton of money with kdp medium content books you should be creating math workbooks. The math workbook niche is a huge niche with a ton of sub-niches you can target to generate a potential passive income for yourself and your family.

So far I have published 5 math workbooks and made well over $1100 in kdp royalties during the last 90 days or so. To get you started with this niche, I am going to share some sub-niches as well!

Sub-Niches For Math Workbooks

  • 1st-Grade Math Workbook For Kids
  • 2nd Grade Math Workbook Addition And Subtraction
  • 3rd Grade Math Workbook Multiplication
  • Basic Math Workbook For 4th Grade
  • Basic Math Workbook For Kindergarten
  • Basic Math Workbook For Teens
  • 4th Grade Math Workbook Multiplication
  • 6th Grade Math Workbooks With Answer Key
  • Math Addition And Subtraction Workbook
  • 1st Grade Math Addition And Subtraction Workbook

These are some sub-niche for math workbooks that I quickly found using the amazon search bar and a free chrome extension called Ultimate Amazon Search Suggestion Expander. 

If you are curious to know how I create math workbooks, I use Math Worksheets Generator to create all my math workbooks with ease.

✨I have also written a whole blog post about creating Math Workbooks for Amazon KDP, you can read my review of Math Worksheets Generator here.

Or Checkout Math Worksheets Generator Here

Now let’s move on to our next profitable kdp niche…

# 2 – Telling The Time Workbooks

telling the time math workbook kdp niche 2023

This next kdp niche is closely related to our first niche and falls under the educational workbook niche which is an evergreen area on amazon. The good news is if you have math worksheets generator, you can create telling-the-time worksheets as well. 

Or you can check out Time Worksheets Generator which helps you create a ton of telling-the-time workbooks for amazon kdp. Anyways, let’s just have a look at some sub-niches under this telling the time kdp niche.

Sub-Niches For Telling The Time Workbooks

  • Time Telling Workbook For Kids
  • Telling Time Workbook For Kids Age 7
  • Telling Time Workbook Kindergarten
  • Telling Time Workbook For Kids Ages 4-8
  • Telling Time Workbook Grade 1
  • Telling Time Workbook 2nd Grade
  • Telling Time Workbook For Teens
  • Telling Time Workbook Age 6
  • Telling Time Workbook 1st Grade
  • Telling Time Workbook Grade 3

As you can see, there are a lot of sub-niche under the surface-level niche which is a great sign that you can potentially make a decent income if you manage to create some high-quality telling-the-time workbooks. 

👉 Also, check out my detailed blog post about creating telling-the-time workbooks using the time worksheets generator, read it here.

# 3 – Word Search Puzzles (Evergreen KDP Niche)

word search puzzle books amazon kdp

Word search puzzle books sell extremely well on amazon kdp and can potentially make you a decent monthly income if you manage to target the right niche and create worth buying puzzle books. 

Like math workbooks, word search puzzle books take more time and effort to create therefore not many people will be creating these types of books. This creates a great opportunity for serious kdp publishers to actually make some money online.

To help you get started I am going to share some sub-niche ideas for this main word search puzzle book niche. 

Sub-Niches For Word Search Books

  • 2023 Word Search Large Print
  • 2023 Word Search For Adults Large Print
  • Jumbo 2023 Word Search
  • 2023 Large Print Word Search Puzzles For Seniors
  • 2023 Large Print Word Search Puzzles For Seniors
  • Positive Affirmation Word Search Puzzle Book
  • Cricket Word Search Puzzle Book
  • Football World Search Puzzle Book
  • Word Search For Adults Large Print 1000 Puzzles

You can find a ton of sub-niches for this word search kdp puzzle book niche by using self-publishing titan’s ultimate search suggestion expander chrome extension. 

How to create word search puzzle books for kdp? Well, you can use software to create word-search puzzle books I like to use Instant Puzzle Generator to create word-search puzzle books in minutes. 

Or you can subscribe to BookBot Pro and create a wide range of puzzle and activity books including word search puzzles.

# 4 –  Sudoku Puzzle Books

sudoku puzzle books amazon kdp

Just like word search puzzles, sudoku puzzle books are extremely popular on amazon. And the cool thing is, you can target a ton of sub-niches to publish puzzle books in and earn passive income

Finding the sub-niches with low competition and very good demand is immensely important when it comes to making money with amazon kdp and the same applies to sudoku puzzle books as well. 

Following are some of the profitable sub-niches under the main sudoku puzzles niche. You can use these sub-niches as a starting point and spend some time finding more profitable kdp niches. 

Sub-Niches For Sudoku Puzzle Books

  • Sudoku Puzzles For Adults Hard To Extreme
  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles For Seniors
  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles For Adults
  • Easy Sudoku Puzzles For Kids
  • Sudoku Puzzles For Seniors Easy To Read
  • Sudoku Puzzles For Kids And Adults Easy To Medium
  • Big Book Of Sudoku Over 500 Puzzles
  • 2023 Sudoku Puzzle Book For Adults
  • 2023 Sudoku Puzzle Book For Kids

I have found these 9 sudoku puzzle book niches in under 10 minutes, imagine if you could spend just one hour to find profitable niches of your sudoku puzzle books. 

# 5 – Cross Word Puzzle Books

kdp niches 2023 cross word puzzle books

Our next profitable medium content book niche is “Cross Word Puzzles”. This niche is also very popular on amazon and I can see a lot of sub-niches under the main crossword puzzles niche. You can easily create crossword puzzle books by using book bolt or a similar puzzle-creation tool.

When it comes to niching down, you can find a ton of sub-niches in a matter of minutes by using all free tools. As I mentioned above in this blog post, you can use SPT’s chrome extension Ultimate Suggestion Expander to find a huge supply of crossword book niches for free.

I have managed to find the following crossword puzzle book niches, you can use these for inspiration and find more relevant sub-niches for yourself with ease. 

Sub-Niches For Cross-Word Puzzle Books

  • Cross Word Puzzle Books For Seniors
  • Cross Word Puzzle Books For Teens
  • Cross Word Puzzle Book For Kids
  • Cross Word Puzzles For Kids Ages 8-10
  • Cross Word Puzzles For Kids Ages 11
  • Crossword Puzzles For The Visually Impaired
  • Spanish Crossword Puzzles For Adults Large Print
  • 2023 Crossword Puzzles Book For Adults With Solution
  • 2023 Easy To Medium Crossword Puzzles Book For Adults With Solutions

These are 9 crossword niches that can potentially earn you a decent income provided you create an extremely useful book for the end user. With that said, now just move on to our next profitable kdp niche.

# 6 – Maze Puzzle Books

maze puzzle books kdp niches 2023

Maze puzzle books are extremely popular among kids, adults, and seniors. As these books provide a fun time pass, they are readily consumable and people buy multiple puzzle books. This is true for all other types of puzzle books mentioned as well. 

Maze puzzles kdp niche is a huge one and you can target a ton of sub-niches to generate a decent monthly income. But your success is directly linked to the time and effort you put in to find the right sub-niches and produce high-quality puzzle books. 

Sub-Niches For Maze Puzzle Books

To help you get started I am going to list a few sub-niches for the main maze puzzle book niche.

  • Maze Puzzle Book For Adults With Solutions
  • Easy Mazes For Kids Ages 3-5
  • Easy To Hard Mazes Puzzle Book For Adults
  • Mazes For Kids Ages 4-8 Maze Activity Book
  • Mazes For Kids Ages 4-8 For Boys
  • Maze Puzzles For Adults And Teens
  • Maze Puzzles Book For Adults And Teens With Solutions
  • Adult Mazes Puzzle Book
  • Big Book Of Mazes For Adults

You can use these sub-niche ideas as inspiration and try to find more maze puzzle book niches. For creating book interiors, you can use Book Bolt or Hand Draw Mazes.

Check Out Hand Drawn Mazes

# 7 – Spot The Difference Books

spot the difference puzzle books kdp amazon

Spot the difference books for kids, adults, and seniors can be a highly profitable niche for amazon kdp in 2024 and beyond. I can see there are a ton of sub-niches that you can target to generate passive income with amazon kdp. 

These are basically picture books where the end user has to spot the subtle difference between two identical images on a given page. These types of books can be very tricky to create, therefore, the number of people making these books would always be very low. 

This creates a great opportunity for a handful of hard-working kdp publishers to create an income stream for themselves. Let’s have a look at some of the sub-niches you can potentially target.

Sub-Niches For Spot The Difference Books

  • Spot The Difference Book For Adults Cars
  • Spot The Difference Book For Adults Nature
  • Spot The Difference Book For Kids Vehicles
  • Spot The Difference Book For Kids Ages 6-8
  • Spot The Difference Book For Dementia
  • Spot The Difference Book For Adults Brain Games
  • Spot The Difference Book For Toddlers
  • Spot The Difference Book For Seniors
  • Spot The Difference Activity Book For Seniors

I have just found these spot the difference book ideas in under 5 minutes. You can spend an hour or 2 to find a ton of more low-competition niches for yourself. 

# 8 – Activity Books For Kids

astronomy activity book for kids kdp niche 2023

Activity books for kids are another very huge niche for self-publishing print books via amazon kdp. There are millions of parents and teachers actively looking for activity books for their kids and students. 

The activity book niche is an evergreen niche and it has a ton of sub-niches that you can target and create books to sell on amazon. Tough the surface-level niche seems to be very competitive, however, niching down can be really helpful for you. To help you get started, I have listed some of the sub-niche under this main activity book niche.

Sub-Niches for Activity Books for Kids

  • I spy books for kids
  • Scissors skills activity books
  • Dot markers activity book for kids
  • Preschool activity book trucks cars and airplanes
  • Brain games sticker by number for kids
  • 1-year-old activity books for boys
  • Dot-to-dot book for 5-year-old
  • Color by numbers for kids ages 4-8 girls
  • astronomy activity book for kids

Just use these niche ideas as a starting point and try to find more low-competition niches with decent demand. This is what will make you money with amazon kdp, targeting the right niche and creating the worth buying books.

# 9 – Sort Story Books for Kids

short stories for kids - kdp niche 2023

Short story books are massively popular on amazon and most of the time these are colored books. These are short, illustrated books that parents and teachers use to read to kids to teach them something in a fun way.

These books contain a minimum of 24 pages and can be up to 40 pages long. Most of the time these illustrated storybooks for kids are 500 to 2000 words long, so anyone can write these books in a day or two.

The kids’ storybooks are full-colored books and come with relevant illustrations or pictures to support the story in a fun way. You can get these illustrations from sites like Creative Fabrica and publish your first storybook for kids.

Topics / Ideas for Kids’ Story Books

Below are some of the topics or ideas for creating short story books for kids.

  • Learning colors of the rainbow
  • Learning letters of the alphabet
  • Teaching kids the habit of sharing
  • Teaching kids the benefits of truthfulness
  • Teaching kids love and compassion
  • Teaching kids healthy habits
  • Teaching kids table manners
  • Teaching kids the importance of cleanliness
  • Teaching kids anger management
  • Teaching kids time management

These are some of the ideas for writing storybooks for kids, you can browse amazon and get ideas from already published books.

# 10 – Coloring Books For Toddlers

coloring books for toddlers

Though the coloring book niche is an extremely competitive one, however, you can still find some under-served niches to publish books in. For instance, coloring books for toddlers can be a great sub-niche provided you put together high-quality book coloring pages and an eye-catching book cover. 

The book cover is especially important for getting people to click and learn more about your book. Next comes your book description, look inside feature and A+ content, if get these elements right, you can expect very good sales over time. 

Sub-Niches For Toddlers Coloring Books

Following are some of the sub-niche ideas for coloring book toddlers. 

  • big trucks coloring book for toddlers ages 1-3
  • Toddlers coloring book ages 1-3
  • Coloring book for toddlers 1-2
  • Toddlers coloring book ages 2-5
  • My first toddlers coloring book construction vehicles
  • My first toddlers coloring book of things that go
  • My first toddlers coloring book shapes, numbers, and animals
  • Coloring books vehicles for kids
  • My first coloring books for toddlers
  • simple and big coloring book for toddlers ages 1-4

These are some potential ideas for creating coloring books for toddlers. To maximize the odds of your success, you need to double-check the keywords for low competition and high demand.

👉 Are planning to publish a coloring book on Amazon? Do check out How To Publish a Coloring Book on Amazon KDP Step By Step!

Final Verdict About Best KDP Niches 2024

In this blog post, I have shared some of the best niches for amazon kdp for the year 2024. All these niches have a great potential to make you passive income online, however, it all depends upon the time and effort you put into creating these books. 

All these niches fall under the umbrella of medium-content books, I chose these niches on purpose because these can make you money in the long run and give you the best return on investment when compared to low-content books.

Wishing you a great 2024, Thanks for being here on my blog and reading this post till the very end!

Best, Subha

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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