5 Reasons Why You Should Publish Medium Content Books on Amazon KDP!

If you have been to this blog before then you may already know that I started with amazon kdp by publishing medium content books back in 2Q of 2017. At that time I was publishing writing prompts books and was getting some decent sales as well. 

After 2 years in medium-content books, I came across low-content books and started publishing 100s of low-content books including notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, planners, and similar books. 

Though I have published a ton of low-content books on amazon kdp, my best-selling books though made me more than 80% of my total kdp earnings, still remain the medium-content books. 

What Are Medium Content Books?

In case you don’t know already there are three types of books you can publish on amazon kdp, low-content books, medium-content books, and high-content books. You may be wondering where are kdp no content books? 

Well, according to kdp’s latest update both no-content books and low-content books can be considered the same and they include; sketchbooks, lined journals, notebooks, planners, and similar books with minimal or no content.

In general, medium content books include books that have unique content on every page. These books include coloring books, activity books, puzzle books, and other similar books with unique content on every single page. As these books fall in between low-content books and high-content books, therefore, are known as medium content books. 


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On the other hand, high-content books include all typical fiction or no-fiction books usually with hundreds of pages of written content. Common examples of high-content books include how-to guides, step-by-step guides, self-help and self-improvement books, books on making money, investing, and more.

So, now you have a fairly good idea of low content books, medium content books, and high-content books. In this post, I will talk more about medium content books and tell you why am I focussing on these types of books. 


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Word search puzzle books are one of the most popular medium content books on amazon kdp. I have written a detailed blog post about How to Create Word Search Books for Amazon Kdp. Do Check it out!

Why Create Medium Content Books?

5 reasons why you should publish medium content books on amazon kdp

As I mentioned earlier in this blog post, I made most of my kdp royalties from a handful of medium-content books (I use to call them low-content books before kdp’s update), therefore, I am focussing more on these books. 

There are certain benefits of publishing medium content books on amazon kdp when I compare them with low content books. Below I will be discussing some of the top reasons I stress on publishing medium content books. 

# 1 – High Barrier Entry 

The medium content books including activity books, math workbooks, puzzle books, and coloring books have comparatively a high barrier entry. As these books are harder to make, therefore, not every kdp publisher is creating these books. 

For example, I am creating math workbooks that take a lot of time and effort if you create them manually. If you are like me you can invest in software like a Math Worksheets Generator but not every kdp low-content publisher is going to afford this software or put in time and effort to create them manually, therefore, the competition may remain low for years. 

✨I have also written a whole blog post about creating Math Workbooks for Amazon KDP, you can read my review of Math Worksheets Generator here.

# 2 – Medium Content Books Have Long Lifespan

As per my personal experience, medium content books die off slowly as compared to simple low content books like journals, composition notebooks, and planners. Medium content books are sort of evergreen books that keep selling throughout the year and for a long time period.

You can see a lot of activity books, puzzle books, coloring books, and other similar books on amazon that were published years ago and still have very good best-seller ranks. In other words, medium content books are totally worth the time and effort you put in to create them.

# 3 – Higher Earning Potential

As medium content books provide more value to the end user, you can price them a dollar or two higher. For example, if you publish two different books, a simple lined journal and a math workbook both have 120 pages inside, you can confidently price the math worth book at $7.99 or even $8.99.

However, you will think twice while pricing a simple lined journal over $6.99. In this way, a math workbook or a puzzle book can potentially bring you at least $1 more per copy sold. So, medium content books can be more profitable as they bring a higher return on investment (the time and effort taken to create them).

# 4 – You Can Promote Them Better

As medium content books have a higher value proposition, you can sell them at a higher price, hence, you can run profitable amazon ads for these as well. Let me explain, running amazon ads for a book priced at $5.99 can be expensive as you will be paying per click and getting a very low royalty per copy sold.

If you have a low-content book of 120 pages priced at $5.99, you will be earning $1.30 per sale and you will need to maintain an Acost of 21.70% to break even while running ads for that book. 

kdp royalty calculator

On the other hand, if you have a medium content book of the same page count (120 pages) priced at $7.99, it can earn you $2.50 per copy sold. Hence, you can run amazon ads for such books at a relatively higher Acost (31.28% to break even). 

The bottom line is, medium content books can potentially bring a higher ROI when it comes to running paid ads for them like amazon ads. This is another pro of publishing better and harder to create books that not many people are creating.

# 5 – You Can More With Fewer Books

As I have mentioned above in this blog post, medium content books are more profitable as compared to low content books, therefore, you can earn a decent monthly income even with 10, 20, or 30 high-quality medium content books. 

The below screenshot from my kdp dashboard explains it better. There are sales from one pen name with 4 books only. All these 4 books are math workbooks and fall under the umbrella of medium content books. I am also planning to share a detailed blog post about these books to share my earnings and ad costs.

kdp sales dashboard - old reports

So, there are 5 of the top reasons why you should publish medium content books via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.. Though these books will take more time and effort to create, they have a higher potential for success in the long run.

Interested in publishing math workbooks? You can check out my blog post about 5 profitable math workbook niches here.

My Verdict About Medium Content Books

In this blog post, I have shared my thoughts about medium content books and why they are better than regular low content books. To recap, these books are harder to make, can be priced higher, and can potentially make you more money for a longer period of time.

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