How Often Does Amazon KDP Pay: Detailed Guide 2024

Hey welcome to my blog! I’m Subha and today I will answer your question about Amazon KDP payments including how often does Amazon KDP pay royalties to its publishers! Getting paid from amazon kdp is very simple, all you need is to complete your payment profile and keep generating sales and royalties.

How Often Does Amazon KDP Pay You?

how often does amazon kdp pay

Amazon KDP pays royalties 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported. This means that kdp publishers can receive a payment for their book sales at the end of March for the sales made in January.

The month royalty threshold metThe month you will get paid
JanuaryEnd of March
FebruaryEnd of April
MarchEnd of May
AprilEnd of June
MayEnd of July
JuneEnd of August
JulyEnd of September
AugustEnd of October
SeptemberEnd of November
OctoberEnd of December
NovemberEnd of January
DecemberEnd of February

The payment is made every month, provided the author’s account meets the minimum threshold for payment.


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What is the Payment Threshold for Amazon KDP?

The payment threshold for Amazon KDP varies based on the payment method. For direct deposit or electronic fund transfer (EFT), the minimum threshold is as low as $1.00.

However, for wire transfers and checks, the minimum threshold is $100.00. Once an author’s royalty earnings meet the threshold, they are eligible to receive a payment.


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The above table shows kdp payment thresholds for different markets and currencies. For Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF) also known as direct deposit, the payment threshold is $0 in all Amazon KDP marketplaces.

For Wire Transfers, the minimum threshold is $100 in Amazon USA, £100 in Amazon UK, and $100 CAD in Amazon Canada. Similarly in other marketplaces, the minimum payment requirement is $100 except

While for check the payment, the minimum balance requirement is $100 (USD) except Amazon UK,,,,, and

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How Do I Get Paid through Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP offers multiple payment methods for authors to receive their royalty payments. Authors can opt for direct deposit (EFT) or wire transfer to receive their earnings. Additionally, authors need to ensure that their payment and tax information is up to date to avoid any payment issues.

What Are the Different Payment Methods for Royalty Payments?

Amazon KDP offers two primary payment methods for royalty payments – direct deposit (EFT) and wire transfer. Authors can choose the payment method that best suits their preferences and meets the minimum threshold for payment.

If you living outside of the USA and want to receive your kdp royalties via direct deposit then you can use Payoneer, which gives you a virtual bank account in the USA, UK, and Japan. It’s a wonderful service for non-US residents, I have been using Payoneer for the last 10 years or more.

How to Use the Royalties Estimator on Amazon KDP?

The Royalties Estimator tool on Amazon KDP allows authors to estimate their earnings based on different list prices and sales scenarios. It helps authors make informed decisions about pricing their books and understanding their potential royalties.

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Understanding Royalty Payments

Authors need to have a clear understanding of how royalties are calculated and the different payment methods available for receiving their earnings through Amazon KDP.

When publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform, authors have the option to choose between two royalty plans: the 35% royalty plan and the 70% royalty plan. The 35% plan applies to books priced below $2.99 or above $9.99, while the 70% plan applies to books priced between $2.99 and $9.99.

Under the 35% royalty plan, authors receive 35% of the book’s list price, minus any delivery costs. With the 70% royalty plan, authors receive 70% of the list price, minus delivery costs.

Authors can choose to receive their royalties through several payment methods, including electronic funds transfer (EFT), check, or Amazon gift card. EFT is the most popular and fastest method, allowing authors to receive their earnings directly into their bank account once they reach the minimum payment threshold.

Authors need to stay updated on changes to Amazon KDP’s royalty and payment policies, as they may affect how they receive their earnings. Additionally, authors should be aware of any tax implications related to receiving royalties and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

Overall, understanding how royalties are calculated and the different payment methods available is crucial for authors looking to manage their earnings through Amazon KDP effectively. 

Payment Issues and Solutions

Despite the streamlined payment process, authors may encounter payment-related issues with Amazon KDP. It’s essential to know the steps to resolve such issues and reach out to the support team if necessary.

What Should I Do If I Haven’t Received My Payment from Amazon KDP?

If an author hasn’t received their payment from Amazon KDP, they should first ensure that their payment and tax information is accurate and up to date. If the issue persists, they can contact Amazon KDP’s support team for further assistance.

How Can I Contact Amazon KDP for Payment Related Queries?

Authors can reach out to Amazon KDP’s support team through the Contact Us section on the KDP website. They can raise payment-related queries and seek assistance in resolving any payment issues they may be experiencing.

What Is the Payment Resolution Process for Amazon KDP?

In the event of payment discrepancies or unresolved issues, authors can follow the payment resolution process outlined by Amazon KDP. This may involve providing additional documentation or information to verify their account and resolve the payment issue effectively.

Additional Services and Expansion

Amazon KDP offers additional services such as Expanded Distribution, catering to authors who wish to reach a wider audience and maximize their book sales internationally. Understanding the payment terms and conditions for these services is essential.

What Is Amazon KDP’s Expanded Distribution?

Expanded Distribution through Amazon KDP allows authors to make their books available to various distribution channels, including bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions. Authors earn royalties from expanded distribution sales, but the payment schedule differs from standard KDP sales.

How Does Amazon KDP Handle Royalties for International Sales?

For international sales through Amazon KDP, authors need to be aware of the extended payment period, which is 90 days for expanded distribution. Royalties earned from international sales are subject to specific payment terms and may not align with the standard KDP payment schedule.

What Are the Payment Terms and Conditions for Amazon KDP?

Authors should review and understand the payment terms and conditions set by Amazon KDP to ensure they are aware of the payment schedule, thresholds, and any additional requirements for receiving their royalties through the platform.

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