How I Made $303 Selling One Math Workbook on Amazon!

During February 2024, one of my best-selling math workbooks earned me $303 in sales.

Now, this isn’t all profit. I did run Amazon ads to generate sales and help my book rank on the first page of Amazon.

In this short post, I will show you all the numbers, so stick around.

First, take a look at the total income during the month;

kdp income with one books

As the screenshot shows, my best earnings were over $16 per day, while my lowest earnings were just below $4 per day.

Additionally, the total units ordered for this particular math workbook were;


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units orders during feb 2024 math workbook


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In total, I sold 192 copies of my math workbook during the month of February 2024.

The highest number of sales was 12 copies per day, and the lowest was 2 copies sold per day.

Now, let’s have a look at ad expenses (the money I spent on Amazon KDP ads).

I have been running keyword ads, also known as manual ads, for this book. Here is what I spent on that ad campaign:

Ad Spend: $136.19

Sales: $564.45

ACost: 24.13%

amazon kdp ads campaign 1

In February, I created another ad campaign, which is a manual product targeting campaign. Here are the results from that campaign:

Ad Spend: $9.80

Sales: $39.75

ACost: 24.65%

amazon kdp ads campaign 2

So, I spent $146 on amazon ads to generate a total of 604.20 in book sales with an advertising cost of 24.16%.

I spent $146 on Amazon ads to generate a total of $604.20 in book sales with an advertising cost of 24.16%.

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My Net KDP Income from One Math Workbook

how i made $303 with one math workbook on amazon kdp

Total Income = $303

Ad Spend = $146

Net Income = $157

As you can see, I made a profit of $157 from one book, which I believe is pretty decent. If I can manage to create ten similar books with similar results, I would make a profit of over $1500/month.

This is why I think creating ten medium-content books (workbooks, activity books, puzzle books, and coloring books) is far better than creating 1000 low-content books.

Did My Book Get Organic Sales?

Yes, my book got a lot of organic sales as well. In February, my math workbook got a total of 192 sales, out of which 116 were organic sales. The remaining 76 sales came through Amazon ads.

Were My KDP Ads Profitable?

No! Apparently, I lost a bit of money on ads during the month of February (approximately $30).

But I don’t run Amazon ads to make direct profit from them; rather, I leverage ads to rank my book organically.

In my experience, when my books start to get sales via ads, they also start to rank organically.

In fact, ads are an important part of my book launch strategy.

Whenever I publish a new book, I run ads for it to give it an initial boost, and it works (most of the time).


I have been publishing math workbooks on Amazon since August 2022 and have had very good results with them.

Therefore, I will be creating more math workbooks in 2024 as this is something that is working for me.

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