Is Kdp Worth It In 2022? It Made Me Think Twice!

Is Kdp Worth It In 2022? This is the question that came to my mind when I got a comment on my recent video about kdp income report. 

The other day I published a Kdp Income Report video on my youtube channel. In that video, I have shared my total kdp sales, total income, amazon ads cost, and finally the net income I earned during the month of March 2022.

As a matter of fact, my total income from kdp low content books during the month of March 2022 stayed at $579.91. And after netting all the expenses including amazon ads, my net income came down to $504. 

One of the viewers (perhaps from India) commented, “Only 35000 rupees after doing this much hard work. Kdp is not so good. 😠”. This comment really made me think about amazon kdp. “Does it worth the effort or not?”

Everyone has his own experience with amazon kdp, therefore, everyone has his own point of view about kdp being worth in 2022! So, in this blog post, I will share with you what I think about pursuing amazon kdp in 2022 to make money online. 

So, keep reading…

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Is Kdp Worth It In 2022 – My Anwer

Is Kdp Worth It In 2022

To better understand my point of view about amazon kdp, let me share my amazon kdp journey…


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I have been publishing low content and no content books through Createspace and then through amazon kdp since 2017. Here, I want to let you know that during the early days, I was working around 2-3 per day on amazon kdp. 

During the first two years, I published around 150 books and was making approximately $150 every month. After seeing some results, I started publishing more and more no-content and low-content books in 2019 and 2020. During these two years, I almost published about 700-800 books. 


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After having around 1000 kdp books live, I was earning around $700 to $900 / month during 2021. And I had some months where I also earned around $980 / month. Then things got changed and my earnings dropped a bit after the 2nd half of 2021. 

Also, I have written a detailed blog post about how I started publishing low-content books, you can read how I made my first $100 with kdp here.

And now in 2022, I am earning on average $662 / month as gross income. And after netting expenses my average kdp income during 2022 comes down to $485 / month. 

Apparently, this is a very low amount considering the fact that I am working on this kdp low content thing for the last 5 years, however, I think this amount is totally worth the effort because I only work part-time. As I have more things to do like writing blog posts, creating youtube videos, and learning new things, etc.

On average I give 1 hour/per day to amazon kdp, therefore, I work 30 hours every month and still earn around $500 as passive income.

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Should You Work On Kdp In 2022

In my opinion, you can work on amazon kdp to earn a passive income in 2022 provided that you have some basic skills like graphic design, niche research, keyword research, etc. The good news is if you don’t have these skills, you can learn them for free on Youtube. 

The second thing I would suggest is to don’t totally rely on amazon kdp. What I mean by that is is do it part-time, you can work 1-2 hours a day or on the weekends. First, spend some time learning the necessary skills as I mentioned earlier. Once you see some results then you can spend more time on it.

The best thing you can do is to enroll in a kdp course (if you have some money to spend), there are a lot of courses available on Udemy. And the best thing is these courses are really cheap there. I have enrolled in the following courses for as low as $12.99 / course.

KDP Course # 1: How to Create Low and No Content Amazon KDP Books For FREE – By Romney Nelson

kDP Course # 2: How To Make A Passive Income on Amazon KDP with Any Budget – By Chris Raymont

Note: If you see the price is higher then don’t buy and wait for the promo from Udemy. Most of the time there is a promo on Udemy that lets you buy the selected courses for as low as $12.99.

In addition to these courses, I have also enrolled in the SkackinProfits course The LCB Vault. It’s a wonderful course where Paddy has shared a lot of useful stuff on kdp low-content books.

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Though these courses are not mandatory, and you can learn many things for free on Youtube, however, it will take you a lot of time. Following a course can really speed up the learning part of the kdp low-content publishing business. 

Is KDP still profitable?

Yes, Kdp is still profitable in 2022 and it will remain profitable, the reason being is the start-up cost is very low. And you don’t need to keep an inventory of books to sell them on Amazon kdp as it’s a print-on-demand business for books that only prints your books when a customer places an order for them. 

So, I can confidently say that kdp is still profitable and you can make money with it. I regularly saw a lot of newly published books by individual publishers selling very well and making them a decent income every single month. 

I have also written a whole blog post about Are Low Content Books Profitable! Do check this out!

Is Amazon KDP saturated?

Yes, kdp is kind of saturated now! What I mean by that is the very basic kdp niches like Journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, etc. have now become extremely saturated. 

Therefore, you may not be successful in these niches, where the books are so easy to create and a huge no of people are publishing thousands of books in these niches. On the other hand, there are a lot of niches that are not saturated and you can still publish books in those niches. 

Your success with kdp relies on your ability to find less competitive kdp niches and keywords. Luckily I have recently written a well-detailed post on the best kdp niches, you can read it below!

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My Verdict

Amazon kdp is still worth it and you can still expect to make passive income with it. All you need is to be good at design and research skills. And you can learn these skills with time!

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