How To Publish a Coloring Book on Amazon KDP Step By Step!

I have recently published a coloring book on amazon kdp and thought why not share the same process with you. This isn’t my first coloring book, I have already published several coloring books and some of them sell as well. 

The exciting news is that I will also show you my exact coloring book including the book cover, book interiors, title, subtitle, book description, and the backend keywords. The said book is already live on Amazon and I have started running Amazon ads for it too.

What will you learn in this detailed blog post is;

  • The exact coloring book niche
  • Keyword research that I did for my kdp coloring book
  • The book interiors (Some of the coloring pages)
  • The cover for my coloring book
  • The book title and subtitle
  • The Book description
  • And the 7 backend keywords

Moreover, I will also show you how I will promote my kdp coloring book to give it a jump-start.

So, without further ado, let me show you the process I followed to publish a coloring book on Amazon KDP.

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Publishing a Coloring Book On Amazon KDP – Step By Step

how to publish a coloring book on amazon kdp step by step

As mentioned earlier, below I will be sharing the step-by-step process I followed to publish the said coloring book.


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Step # 1 – Selecting a Niche for KDP Coloring Book

This is the very first step I took toward creating a coloring book. I picked a coloring book niche that has fairly good demand and the competition is still not too high. And the niche is “Mushroom Coloring Book”, this is the niche I found during the first quarter of this year.

For niche research, I use bookbolt most of the time, and as for as, I remember I found this niche using bookbolt or helium10. The mushroom coloring book still has 891 amazon search results and 480 searches per month on Google.


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Note: I did a search in all departments, the reason being this is the way most customers browse amazon.

After finding this kdp coloring book niche with high demand but low competition, I started to find some relevant keywords for my book’s subtitle and backend slots.

Step # 2 – Keyword Research for KDP Coloring Book

Next, I did quick keyword research to find low competition keywords related to my main keyword “mushroom coloring book”. To do that I followed my kdp keyword strategy to find and analyze those keywords.

Most of the time I use the Amazon search bar and the auto-complete feature to find keywords for my kdp low-content books. I typed the main keyword “mushroom coloring book” into the Amazon search bar and noted down the keywords appearing in the auto-complete (amazon suggested keywords).

kdp keyword research for coloring books

As you can see in the screenshot above, amazon is suggesting some keywords related to our main keyword. I noted down all the relevant keywords and then repeated the process by entering a slightly different keyword. 

As I entered, the following keywords in the Amazon search bar;

  • Mushroom coloring book
  • Coloring book mushrooms
  • Mushroom coloring book for
  • Mushroom coloring book a (I kept appending the letters of the alphabet)

In this way, I quickly found the following keywords and also analyzed them using my criteria for finding low-competition kdp keywords.

My kdp keyword research criterion is pretty simple and it includes the following keywords that have;

  • Less than 2000 amazon search results
  • Some Google search volume
  • Some books on the first page of Amazon with BSR lower than 150k

By using the aforementioned keyword research process I was able to find the following keywords for my Mushroom Coloring Book;

Keywords / PhraseGoogle search volumeAmazon SearchResultsBSRs Below 150k
mushroom coloring book480874Yes
mushroom coloring book easy01000No
mushroom coloring book for women01000Yes
mushroom coloring book for anxiety relief0505Yes
mushroom coloring book for girls02000No
mushroom coloring book for grown-ups03000No
mushroom house coloring book for adults01000No
mushroom coloring book for adults30745Yes
mushroom coloring book for adults relaxation03000Yes
mushroom coloring book large print01000Yes
mushroom coloring book for teens02000No
mushroom and nature coloring book03000Yes
mushroom coloring book for stress relief and relaxation0215Yes
trippy mushroom coloring book01000Yes
adult coloring book for women mushrooms0358Yes
adult coloring book mushrooms10744Yes
coloring book mushrooms50875Yes

As you can see, most of my keywords have less than 2000 Amazon search results and the books on the first page also have good BSRs (less than 150k). By now, we are done with our keyword research process.

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Next, I will be sharing with you my book’s metadata that I used to list on amazon.

Step # 3 – Crafting Metadata KDP Coloring Book

Next, comes a very crucial step, and that is writing a title, subtitle, book description, and filling in the 7 kdp backend keywords. 

This is where keyword research comes in handy. I have already done my keyword research and I have a list of low-competition keywords with good demand. Now, I can easily use these keywords in my book’s title and subtitle and the backend keywords slots. 

I have chosen the main keyword “mushroom coloring book” as the book title the reason being this keyword has 480 Google searches per month and the competition is lower on Amazon. 

Book Title & Subtitle

So, the most searched keyword is my book’s title and then I have strategically added some more keywords to my book’s subtitle. Below I am sharing the exact title, subtitle, kdp book description, and the backend keywords;

Title: Mushroom Coloring Book

Subtitle: Adult Coloring Book Mushrooms For Stress Relief and Relaxation

coloring book title and subtitle

Book Description: 

35 Unique Mushroom Coloring Pages – Hours Of Fun!

Are you ready for hours of Relaxation & Calmness? This Mushroom Coloring gives you the opportunity to relax and spare some time for yourself from your overscheduled to-do list. Inside you will find 35 unique and creative illustrations of Mushrooms ready to take you into the world of calmness and stress relief. 

Things you will love:

  • ✔ Stress Relieving Coloring Pages: Each mushroom coloring page inside this book is aimed to make you feel relaxed and stress-free.
  • ✔ Large Size Pages with Big Margins: Each coloring page is printed on a large 8.5 x 11-inch page with sufficient margins. 
  • ✔ Single-Sided Coloring Pages: Coloring illustrations are purposefully printed on a single side page to avoid color bleed. Moreover, you can take out your favorite coloring page easily and showcase it!
  • ✔ Printed On White Paper: All mushroom coloring illustrations are printed on good-quality white paper.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy today and enter into the fantastic world of Mushrooms!”

kdp coloring book description

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Backend Keywords:

Keyword slot 1: for adults girls men women grown-ups teens

Keyword slot 2: adult coloring book for women mushrooms

Keyword slot 3: easy coloring book mushroom for anxiety relief

Keyword slot 4: mushroom coloring book for adults relaxation

Keyword slot 5: gift present cart alternative birthdays holidays

Keyword slot 6: for mum mom dad brother sister son daughter

Keyword slot 7: mushroom and nature coloring book for adults

kdp backend keywords coloring book mushrooms

Check out my blog post to read more about How To Use The 7 KDP Backend Keywords Slots for KDP content books.

Kdp Categories for Mushroom Coloring Book

Next, I chose the 2 most relevant kdp book categories for my mushroom coloring book. You can see these categories below;


Category 1: Nonfiction / Nature / Plants / Mushrooms

Category 2: Nonfiction / Science / Life Sciences / Mycology

kdp categories mushroom coloring book

If you want to learn more about kdp categories, I have written a detailed post on How to Choose Categories for Your Kdp Books! Check this out!

Book Series, Author Name, etc.

I haven’t added/created a book series for this coloring book as I may not publish any other similar coloring book but you can add a series if you want to.

And for the author’s name a selected a random name not related to coloring books. I did this because using a keyword as the author name is against the kdp’s terms of service and publishing guidelines. 

Now that we are done with the book metadata part, let’s discuss the book interior and cover!

Step # 4 – Coloring Book Interiors & Book Cover

When it comes to creating coloring pages, I hired a freelancer from Fiver and he created 35 mushroom coloring pages within 3 days. I spent around $35 for these 35 coloring pages including the Fiverr fees. 

And I created the book cover myself using affinity photo. So, lemme show you both the book interior and book cover.

Book Interiors (Mushroom Coloring Pages)

As mentioned earlier I got 35 mushroom coloring pages, these pages are 8.5 x 11 inches with no bleed. I used PowerPoint to create a coloring book from these pages. I left every alternate page blank to avoid color bleed while coloring. 

Overall my mushroom coloring book has 74 pages, including the 2 title pages. Below are some of the mushroom coloring pages I got from Fiverr. 

mushroom coloring book cover pages

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Book Cover for KDP Coloring Book

I decided to create the cover for my coloring book inside affinity photo using graphics from Vecteezy. 

So, I grabbed some graphics including mushroom illustrations, backgrounds, and dots from Then I downloaded some fonts from Creativefabrica and ended up using a single font called Montana.

As the book has 74 pages sized at 8.5 x 11, the book cover template was 17.42 x 11.25 inches. I spent a long time trying to create a perfect book cover for my coloring book and ended up with the one below given coloring. 

It’s not my finest work, however, I managed to create a cover that can be considered a good one if not very good.

Here it is…

mushroom coloring book cover

On the back cover, I added the actually coloring pages to showcase what is inside the book. Currently, the book is up and live on Amazon, will update you if it gets some sales. 

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Book Pricing

Currently, I have priced this coloring book at $5.99 in the Amazon US marketplace and similar pricing on other marketplaces. 

Book Promotion & Onward Strategy

To give my mushroom coloring book an initial boost in the rankings, I have already started running amazon ads for it. Currently, I am running only one ad campaign, auto ads. 

If it gets sales with the auto ads, I will create some manual ads campaigns including the keywords ads and the product ads. 

One thing more, I haven’t created the A+ content for this coloring book, and I am planning to create it as soon as I finish writing the blog post. Why A+ content for kdp coloring books?

I have written a complete post about kdp A+ content, you can read it here: KDP A+ Content: An In-Depth Guide to BOOST Your Book Sales!

Final Thoughts

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post in which I shared my exact process for researching and creating coloring books on Amazon KDP. I follow these exact steps every time I publish a low-content book or a coloring book. 

Publishing a coloring book on Amazon KDP is a step-by-step process that you can master over time. As I mentioned, you will have to learn how to find a low-competition niche, how to do keyword research, and how to create or outsource book interiors and book covers. 

I sincerely hope that you’ve learned something from this blog post. If so, then do share this post on your favorite social media platform, so that others can benefit from it. Just click on one of the social sharing icons below this post! 

Thanks for sharing it. Talk to you soon!

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