Over +847 Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

I recently came across Book Bird and found out that they are providing very useful kdp templates and tools for low and no-content book publishing. 

In this blog post, I am going to share an overview of their kdp templates both free and paid ones. So, stick around and read this post till the very end.

As I mentioned in the title of this blog post, book bird has over 847 kdp interior templates and these templates come in various bundles. Below I will be giving you a quick overview of each kdp template bundle.

Without further ado, let’s dive in…

Over 847 KDP Interior Templates For KDP Publishers

Over +847 Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

What I found book bird templates is, that there are basically 3 different bundles;

  • Gold Library
  • Coloring Collection
  • Journal Collection
  • And a free bundle

Below I will be discussing each of these kdp interior bundles so that you will have an idea of what is included.

There is also a Platinum Bundle that contains all three paid bundles (Gold Library, Coloring Collection, and Journal Collection), and that gives you a massive discount.


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Before going into the details of paid kdp interior bundles, let’s have a look at the free kdp interior bundle.

+31 Free Low Content Book and Coloring Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

Book Bird’s completely free template collection gives you access to over +31 kdp book interior templates. As a beginner, you can use this totally free bundle to create, publish and sell outstanding low-content books and coloring books on Amazon KDP.


Download 15 FREE KDP Interior Templates

👉 https://bit.ly/3TdL3Lh


Here is an overview of the free kdp interior bundle;

✔️ +15 Handcrafted Coloring Templates

✔️ +5 Cover Design Elements

✔️ +8 Low Content Book Templates

✔️ +8 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Print on Demand License

Now let’s talk about the paid kdp template bundles being offered by book bird.

# 1- Gold Library – Over +120 Low Content Book Interior Templates

Gold Library - Over +120 Low Content Book Interior Templates

With the Gold Library, you can get exclusive access to a collection of Amazon KDP Premium Interiors. This bundle also gives you access to countless niches and unlimited updates of future premium bundles from book bird.

What’s inside the Gold Library? Let’s have a look inside…

  • 15 Outdoor Activities Templates
  • 15 Sports & Nutrition Templates
  • 15 Hobby and Passion Templates
  • 15 Business & Finance
  • 15 Medical Check-Up Templates
  • 15 Tasting and Cooking Templates
  • 15 Sports Field Templates

Now let’s talk about various features of this Gold Library KDP Interior bundle. This kdp bundle gives you access to;

✅ Over +120 Book Interior Templates

✅ Ready-to-Use PDF Files

✅ All Customizable Source Files

✅ Countless highly profitable Niches

✅ Access to all upcoming Templates

✅ Commercial Use License

✅ Lifetime Access (No subscription)

Attention Muslim Brothers & Sisters: I humbly request you to check out the Islamic Ruling on creating and selling coloring books and other books as well. As some books may not be permissible, so do seek guidance in this regard. Here I am not encouraging anyone to go and create any book, so do your own due diligence before creating and distributing anything online or offline. May Allah bless you all.

# 2 – Coloring Collection – Over +700 Coloring Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

coloring collection kdp coloring book templates

This is the 2nd kdp interior bundle that book bird is offering. This bundle gives you access to the largest collection of handcrafted Coloring Book Templates and helps you build and scale your kdp business.

In the coloring collection bundle, you will get over 700 coloring book templates that you can customize and combine using popular design softwares.

Salient Features of The Coloring Collection Bundle

Below are the salient features of the coloring collection bundle;

✔️ +700 Coloring Book Templates

✔️ +70 Cover Design Elements

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Bundles

✔️ Lifetime Access (No Subscription)

Now just have an overview of what is included inside this coloring collection kdp interior bundle.

  • Mythical Monsters
  • Heroes & Villains
  • Dangerous Dinos
  • Jungle Adventures
  • Deep Ocean
  • Funny Farm 
  • Iconic Insects
  • Fast Vehicles
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Fantastic Fantasy
  • Notorious Ninjas
  • Gigantic Galaxy
  • Bloody Nightmares
  • Blooming Flowers

Next, we will be checking out the Journal Collection, a bundle to create a wide range of no-content books.

# 3 – Journal Collection – Over +77 No Content Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP

journal collection kdp no content book templates

Next, comes our No Content Book Interior bundle aka Journal Collection. It gives you access to over 77 different no-content book interiors to create Journals, Notebooks, and Planners.

With this bundle you will have access to;

✔️ +77 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Templates

✔️ Print on Demand License

✔️ Lifetime Access (No subscription)

Included Template Designs

Below are the different no-content book interior types that are included in this journal collection bundle.

  • Blank Paper
  • Ruled Paper
  • Squared Paper
  • Dot Grid Paper
  • Journal Paper
  • Decorated Paper
  • Cornell Notes Paper
  • Dual Paper
  • Hexagonal Paper
  • Isometric Paper
  • Writing Paper
  • Vocabulary Paper
  • Graph Paper
  • Logarithmic Paper
  • Perspective Grid Paper
  • Polar Graph Paper
  • Comic Story Paper
  • Story Paper

Nex we are going to check out the Platinum Bundle that comes with over 847 kdp interior templates for creating low-content books, coloring books, and no-content books to publish on amazon kdp.

Platinum Bundle – Over +847 KDP Interior Templates

platinum bundle kdp interior templates

As I mentioned earlier in this post, you can get a huge discount by getting the Platinum Bundle as it gives you access to all the above-mentioned bundles at highly discounted prices.

The Platinum Bundle comes with;

✔️ +650 Coloring Book Templates

✔️ +65 Cover Design Elements

✔️ +120 Low Content Book Templates

✔️ +77 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Bundles

✔️ Lifetime Access (No Subscription)

My Verdict

Book Bird is providing over 847 Book Interior Templates for Amazon KDP that can help you start and scale your low-content books business. The prices of book bird templates are pretty reasonable and you can also get a massive discount if you opt for the platinum bundle. 

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