7 Best Kdp Niches For Beginners in 2024

If you are brand new to amazon kdp and want to know what kdp niche you need to focus on and what type of low-content book you should create, this blog post is for you!

In this blog post, I am going to share the 7 best kdp niches for beginners. I have compiled this list keeping in mind that these books should be easy to create and secondly, there should be a decent demand for them on Amazon.

You may already know that when I started publishing low-content and medium-content books via create space I started with one main niche and created multiple books in that niche.

Your success with kdp low content books and even with any other online business idea boils down to your ability to find the right niche and publish multiple products/books in it. Therefore, today I am doing to share the same thing with you guys.

TL;DR: In a hurry? Here is a list of 7 best kdp niches for beginners in this year and beyond.

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The Best KDP Niche for Beginners 2024

As I mentioned, I am going to share 7 low-content book niches and all these niches are under one main kdp niche which I believe is the best fit for most beginners. 


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The niche I am talking about is the Log Books Niche…Yes! creating and publishing log books on Amazon KDP can be a great starting point for most newbie publishers.

The beauty of this kdp niche is you can come up with a ton of sub-niches and won’t run out of ideas for many months to come. Being in a main niche and creating multiple books is the key to your success

That increases your authority in the eyes of Amazon! That’s a sort of secret that most kdp Gurus either don’t know or simply don’t want to share with you!

So, to get you started I have compiled a list of 7 best-selling log book niches. These niches I have found while doing a simple search on Amazon without using any paid tool.


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7 Best KDP Log Book Niches for Beginners

7 best kdp niches for beginners publishers

Below you will find the 7 best kdp log book ideas you can focus on start creating publishing books now. Now the thing is you may not see sales coming after just publishing one or two books, you need to focus on creating multiple log books to get organic sales. 

So, without further ado, let’s just dive in…

Kdp Niche # 1 – Accounting Ledger

Accounting Ledger is one of the best and easy to create low-content books that you can publish on Amazon. The interiors are easy to create, you need to create just one page and repeat it 100 times or 120 times to create an accounting ledger book.

If you can even find interior from creative fabrica. However, what I would like to recommend to you is to modify any kdp interior you download from creative fabrica or any other website.

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accounting ledger ideas amazon kdp

I have typed “accounting ledger” in the Amazon search and I can see a handful of related keywords or sub-niche ideas as well. These ideas include;

  • Accounting ledger book
  • Accounting ledger book for small business
  • Accounting book
  • Receipt book
  • Check register
  • Payroll record book
  • Invoice book

So, you can basically create multiple accounting ledgers and publish them on kdp. Here some of the ideas may not be that relevant therefore you need to create books that are relevant to the main niche.

Kdp Niche # 2 – Mileage Log Book

The mileage log book is one of the best-selling and popular low-content books on Amazon. Just like our previous kdp niche, creating book interiors and covers is very easy for this niche. If you have Book Bolt then you can create this in under one hour. 

At the moment there are only 1,000 search results on Amazon for this kdp niche and I can also see a bund of sub-niche ideas under the main mileage log book niche. Here are a few sub-niche ideas for you;

  1. Mileage log book for taxes
  2. Mileage log book for car
  3. Mileage log book 2023
  4. Mileage log book hardcover
  5. Mileage log book business
  6. Mileage log book for taxes for truckers
  7. Mileage log book for women
  8. Mileage log book for truckers
  9. Mileage log book for taxes for self-employed

mileage log book niches amazon kdp

As you can see I found these sub-niche ideas in under 5 minutes just by typing “mileage log book for” in the Amazon search bar. 

Most of the time the book interior would be the same, however, you can do a few tweaks (changing the font, title, color, and the number of columns) so that it is not exactly the same for each sub-niche.

✨I have also written a whole blog post about creating Math Workbooks for Amazon KDP, you can read my review of Math Worksheets Generator here.

Kdp Niche # 3 – Multipurpose Log Book

Next on our list of profitable log niches is “Multipurpose Log Book”. It really took my attention as I can see a handful of these log books ranking on the very first page and have very good reviews as well. 

This tells me about a really good demand for this specific type of log book which gives the user freedom to use it for different purposes. 

At the time of writing this blog post, there were 354 results for the main keywords i.e. multipurpose log book. What this means is, that there is still very little competition for this log book niche and you can make really good sales.

multipurpose log book niche

I can also see a couple of sub-niches under the main niche. The sub-niche ideas for the multipurpose log book include;

  1. Log book notebook multipurpose
  2. Log book large multipurpose
  3. Log book large multipurpose with 7 columns
  4. 7 columns log book multipurpose
  5. large multipurpose record log book
  6. 3 column log book customizable multipurpose logbook 6×9
  7. customizable log book 3 column
  8. large customizable 7 columns multipurpose daily log book
  9. log book large multipurpose

I found these sub-niche ideas by entering different variations of the main keyword phrase and noted down the Amazon auto-suggestions.

Kdp Niche # 4 – Daily Activity Log Book

Next comes the “Daily Activity Log Book” niche, at the moment it has 789 number of search results in the Amazon store which speaks of low competition.

daily activity log book kdp niche

A daily activity log book aids time management, productivity, and accountability in personal and professional life. It helps track tasks, goals, and progress efficiently. Useful for students, professionals, athletes, and healthcare providers.

Just like previously mentioned log books, this log book niche also has sub-niches, a few are as listed below;

  1. Daily activity log book for work
  2. Daily activity log book for adults
  3. Daily activity log book for women
  4. Daily activity log book for notes
  5. Daily activity log book hardcover
  6. Baby daily log book
  7. Caregiver daily log book
  8. Daily timesheet log book
  9. Daily work task log book

These are some of the keyword/niche ideas that you can use to create multiple versions of the daily log book. However, don’t just create a ton of these, also avoid keyword stuffing into the title and subtitle.

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Kdp Niche # 5 – Monthly Bill Payment Log Book

Monthly bill payment log book is another profitable kdp niche for beginners. You can easily create a book interior yourself and get it from book bolt or creative fabrica. 

Just like any other log book you need to create one page and repeat it 100 times to create a log book. As far as competition is concerned, there are 970 Amazon search results for this specific keyword. 

monthly bill payment log book kdp niche

Now let’s just have a look at the sub-niche ideas for this type of log book. I just typed the main keyword in the search bar and found the following sub-niches/keywords.

  1. Monthly bill payment large print log book
  2. Monthly bill payment log book hardcover
  3. Monthly bill payment log book small
  4. Monthly bill payment tracker log book
  5. simple monthly bill payment organizer log book large print
  6. large print bill payment tracker
  7. bill payment tracker
  8. bill payment organizer
  9. monthly bill payment organizer

In conclusion, the Monthly Bill Payment Log Book presents a profitable KDP niche for beginners. With simple interiors available from Book Bolt or Creative Fabrica and manageable competition, you’re all set to create and publish your unique log book on Amazon.

Kdp Niche # 6- Inventory Log Book

Number six on our list of beginner kdp niches is “Inventory Log Book”. The exact keyword has 430 number search results in the Amazon store which means the competition for this niche is very low.

inventory log book kdp niches

It’s a popular and profitable niche for creating low-content books on Amazon! With easy-to-create interiors that you can easily design or get from Book Bolt or Creative Fabrica, you can expect to publish a book in an hour or so.

Now let’s have a look at some of the sub-niches under the main inventory log book niche. You can easily find them by entering variations of the main keywords in the Amazon search bar.

  1. Inventory log book small business
  2. Purchase order book
  3. Transaction log book
  4. Inventory log book for business
  5. Inventory log book for stock record
  6. Inventory log book hardcover
  7. Inventory log book for women
  8. Inventory log book for nail salon
  9. Inventory log book for kitchen
  10. Food inventory log book

To summarize, Inventory Log Book is a popular and profitable niche for low-content books on Amazon. It has low competition and easy-to-create interiors. You can publish a book in an hour or so using book bolt.

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Kdp Niche # 7- Blood Pressure Log Book

Our next and last kdp log book niche for beginner publishers is “Blood Pressure Log Book”. This is a very popular niche on Amazon and currently has just over 1,000 search results on Amazon. 

blood pressure log book

As the number of ranking books for this main keyword is not huge, it suggests that the competition is still manageable. So, as a beginner kdp publisher, you can publish a blood pressure log book that can potentially make some money out of this kdp niche.

Let’s just have a look at some of the sub-niches you can publish books in…

  1. blood pressure tracker log book
  2. Blood pressure log book for seniors
  3. Blood pressure log book for daily tracking
  4. Blood pressure log book pocket size
  5. Blood pressure log book for women
  6. Blood pressure log book large print
  7. Blood pressure log book for men
  8. Blood pressure log book with heart rate
  9. blood pressure record log book
  10. blood sugar and blood pressure log book

As far as book interiors as concerned you can get these either from creative fabrica or use book bolt to create the whole log book in one sitting. 

Actually, book bolt has made it so much easier to create low-content books with the release of book bolt studio. Now you no longer need to create the book covers in a separate design tool as you can do it at the same time within the book bolt studio.

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In Conclusion

The log book niche is a huge low-content book niche with a ton of sub-sub niches. Creating interiors and covers for such kdp books is actually very straightforward forward which is why I recommend it for beginners.

If you have Book Bolt Pro subscription then you can easily create these log books. I have recently published a low-content book using book bolt in under 60 minutes. 

If want to learn more about that then you can check out my blog post here.

There you have it! I hope you found this post about the best kdp niches for beginners helpful if you did then share it with your friends as well.

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Talk soon,


Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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