KDP Keyword Research Trick: Kdp No Content & Low Content Books!

Welcome guys this is Subha Malik and in this blog post, I am going to share with you a kdp keyword research trick that is a kind of a secret trick, I discovered the other day. 

You can use this trick to find low competition kdp keywords and niches for your low and no content books.

And I was able to find four to five keywords within 10 minutes all with low competition. You can use this trick to find low competition kdp keywords even in the very competitive niches. 

I haven’t heard of this or even thought of this before. Let me first show you my results: 

Keyword # 1 – Notebook 250 Pages

notebook 250 pages

The very first keyword is notebook 250 pages and it has 65 Keyword Niche Score, number of amazon results is 534 you can see the rest of the data in the screenshot. 


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Keyword # 2 – Sketchbook 200 Pages

sketch book 200 pages

Our next low competition kdp keyword is sketchbook 200 pages. It has 920 amazon search results and a keyword niche score of 65 which indicates the keyword is low competition.

Keyword # 3 – Sketchbook 100 Sheets

sketch book 100 sheets

The next keyword low competition keyword is sketchbook 100 sheets it has a keyword niche score of 58. It has 2000 amazon search results.

Keyword # 4 – Notebook 8.5×5.5 

notebook 8.5x5.5

Our fourth low competition kdp keyword is notebook 8.5×5.5 and it also has a keyword niche score of 59. 

So you can see some sort of similarity in these keywords. Until today I have been using a strategy that is typing any keyword in the amazon search bar and then types a letter of the alphabet. 

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KDP Keyword Research Trick: Low Contnet & Not Content Books

And most of the keyword tools work on the principle of adding a keyword after the main keyword or adding a keyword before the main keyword. In this way, you can get long-tail keywords and this is the very perfect method and it gives you a lot of keyword options. 

But today I am going to share with you something very cool. The secret and that is kind of trick you can say and it helped me find five keywords within 10 minutes and you can use this in very competitive niches as well.

So it’s time for the secret! Before giving you the secret you can go ahead and watch this video released by the creator

of self-publishing titans:


This is a very helpful video, and you can use the info in combination with my kdp keyword research trick and you will be able to find very low competition keywords even in very competitive niches.

thumbnail kdp keyword research trick 2021

So what is the secret? It’s actually typing your main keyword and then typing numbers instead of letters of alphabets.

For example, you can type notebook 1 and note down the keywords from amazon’s autocomplete feature. Then you can type notebook 2 and you will see a lot of keywords being suggested by amazon. 

In this way, you will repeat this step by typing your main keyword followed by any number from 1 to 9. 

You can use this keyword research trick in any niche and you will be able to find a lot of keywords for your low and no content books.

As I have mentioned above, I was able to find 4 low competition keywords:

  • notebook 250 pages
  • sketchbook 200 pages
  • sketchbook 100 sheets
  • notebook 8.5x 5.5 

Let’s Try Something More…

Keyword # 4: Notebook 500 Pages

I have typed notebook follow by number 5 in the Amazon search bar and I can see a keyword notebook 500 pages. So let’s try this keyword and see what is the keyword Niche score for this keyword.

This has a keyword niche score of 69 even better than our previously found keywords and you can see this has only 633 amazon search results. 

Let’s Summarize It

In this blog post, I have shared a fairly new kdp keyword research trick for low content books and no content books. You can use this trick to find low competition keywords even in very competitive kdp niches for low and no content books. 

What do you think about this trick? Share your thought in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a KDP Self Publisher & YouTuber. He loves to write about Low Content & No Content Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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