How I Made My First $100 With Low Content Books!

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If this is your first visit here, my name is Subha Malik and I do low-content books on amazon kdp. Here on this blog, I share helpful info about kdp low-content books to help people like you learn this skill too!

Today I thought, why not share a bit more about how I started with low-content book publishing and how I made my first $100? I see many people asking questions via email and on my Youtube Channel saying they don’t get the first sale or their kdp sales are very low!

This made me think about how I made my first sale and then how I increased my sales to make my first $100 online publishing low-content books.

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When and How I Started Publishing Low Content Books

How I Made My First $100 With Low Content Books

If you know me for any length of time then you may also know that I first started publishing low-content books in May of 2017. I still remember I submitted my very first low-content book on May 12, 2017. 

It is also pertinent to mention that I started via Createspace, not KDP. At that time Amazon had a separate dedicate platform for paperback books known as Createspace. That was merged into kdp later. 


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How I Came Across KDP

I already have heard of eBooks, and also published my own eBook via kdp in 2015. But it proved to be a great failure due to pathetic quality and lack of knowledge and experience. 

After that, I kept dabbling around and tried a ton of other ways of making money online until I came across no-content and low-content books in early 2017. 


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Then I came across a Warriorplus product (can’t remember the name) that was a great eBook on creating low-content books, coloring books, and medium-content books via Createspace.

I was extremely excited to know that I can become a self-published author on Amazon by writing little to no content. So, I followed the instructions inside that ebook and started creating my very first book in the first week of May 2017. 

My First Royalty Payment


I started via Createspace in May 2017 and made my very first sale in July 2017. I even remember the first earned royalty amount was $1.44. Perhaps this was the total amount I earned during my first-month publishing low-content books.

At that time I was publishing two books per week at max. It is important to mention that those books were not lined journals, sketchbooks, or blank comic books. These books were more toward medium-content books instead. 

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How I Made My First $100 With Low Content Books

My First $100 With Low Content Books

As mentioned earlier, I started seeing some results with my first few books, so I created more than 10 books in the same niche. 

It took me more than 3 months to create those books and almost after that 90 days, I made my first $100 / month with low-content books. I even remember my first few royalties;

  • Very first month: $1.44
  • 2nd Month: $13.26
  • 3rd Month: $70+
  • The fourth month: Crossed my first $100 / m

So, you can say it took me around 3 to 4 months to reach my first milestone of making $100 online publishing low-content books. I published just over 10 books and all those books were medium content books. 

For those who are new to kdp, medium content books have unique content on each page and they don’t have any repetitive pages. Activity books, puzzle books, coloring books, and writing prompt journals fall under the umbrella of medium-content books.

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My Exact Niche For Low Content Books

As you are here on my blog and spending your precious time here, I would love to do something that I never share, which is sharing my Exact Niche.

My very first and successful low-content book niche was “writing prompts / or journal writing prompts”. I created multiple writing prompt journals during my early months in low-content publishing. 

At that moment I didn’t know the difference between no-content, low-content, and medium-content books. As this niche was suggested by my first kdp mentor, therefore, I followed it with confidence. 

Things I Did Right In The Start

There are a few things worth mentioning that led me to get initial sales with low-content books. When I look back and analyze my journey, I can give you some hints that can get you on the right track for your kdp low-content books. 

Things that led me to the initial success include;

  • I picked up a touch niche in terms of creating books
  • The books I created took a lot of time and effort to create
  • The niche had very few relevant books
  • There was decent demand for those books on amazon
  • I focussed on one niche and created multiple books
  • I put in a lot of time and effort initially

As mentioned above, these books were hard to create and not many people were creating writing prompts books at that time. I can still see the potential in this niche ever after 5 years.

Things I Did Wrong

As I was a beginner at publishing low-content books, I made a lot of mistakes too. Below are some of the mistakes that I made during my first few months in the low-content books hustle.

I am sharing these mistakes so that you can learn from them and not repeat the same.

  • I created books with the wrong dimensions (6×9 inch books for kids)
  • I created very basic covers with low dpi images
  • My very first books had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes
  • I left my main niche and started dabbling in no-content books

I think these were some of the mistakes I made that potentially hinder my growth. I believe if I didn’t make these mistakes, I would be making much more money.

I have written a detailed post about How to Create Coloring Books for Amazon Kdp the Right Way! You may find it useful too!

My Low Content Publishing Strategy Going Forward

My Low Content Publishing Strategy Going Forward

Moving forward, I would be more focused on low to medium content books,

  • Firstly the competition in these niches is low
  • Secondly, I will have to create lesser books 
  • I can charge more per sale
  • The medium content books tend to sell for a longer time period

So, what types of books I am planning to create? Currently, I am creating Math Workbooks, as this is a huge niche with a ton of sub-niches. Most importantly, the books are extremely hard to create, and that results in low competition. 

I am using recently released software known as Math Worksheet Generator, which allows me to quickly create math workbooks. This software is a sort of Dream Come True for me and many low-content book publishers. 

I don’t want you to purchase this software if you are really tight on your budget! I would suggest only buying tools if you have a sufficient budget and it doesn’t hurt your kitchen or family income.

My Verdict

Publishing low-content books is something that has changed my life but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes a lot of time and effort to generate your first sales and then make a sizable income online. 

If you read through this blog post, I wasn’t creating the easiest books, rather I was putting in a lot of effort to create medium content books. I focused on what was selling and kept creating more books in the same niche, which led me to make my very first $100 with low content publishing!

That’s all from me today, thank you for reading this blog post to the very end. If you found it helpful then do share it with your friends. Just click on one of the social sharing icons below!

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