How Much Can You Earn From Amazon Kdp – The Truth!

Amazon kdp is one of the passive income ideas that actually helped me make my first $100 online. Before starting publishing low and no content books on amazon kdp, I tried a lot of things to make money online but none of them worked for me.

I tried blogging, affiliate marketing, and PTC sites but had no luck then finally I came across this low-content book publishing stuff that actually changed my life.

On average you can make $1.90 per sale from Amazon KDP selling a 120-page paperback book with black and white interiors. Based on that, you can make $1,140 / month from your top 20 books each selling one copy per day.

I have done these calculations following the 80-20 rule which states that 20% of your efforts bring in 80% of your results. Let’s suppose you have 100 books published on Amazon kdp and 20 of those books are selling one copy a day, then you can actually make well over $1000 / month from amazon kdp.

However, this is not true for every kdp self-publisher especially considering low-content and no-content books.

As most newbie publishers tend to publish a lot of similar books with a slight change in book cover and title, that is why they can’t make a decent income even after publishing 100 books. 

To make real passive income with amazon kdp, you need to think a bit differently and create books that provide value to the marketplace and are hard to replicate. 


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One of these books is math workbooks, I have written a whole blog post on 5 profitable math workbook niches, you can check out these profitable kdp niches here.

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How Much Does the Average Kdp Author Make?

How Much Can You Earn From Amazon Kdp

To better answer this question I did a poll on my YouTube channel where I asked my audience how much are they earning from amazon kdp. The following are the results that can give you an idea of how much the average kdp author makes.

Out of 86 KDP authors, 79% said that they are making less than $100 / month from Amazon KDP. On the other hand, KDP authors make over $100 / month are 6% while 15% are making more than $500 / month.

Total ParticipantsMaking Less Than $100Making Over $100Making Over $500
8668 (79%)5 (6%)13 (15%)

This small pole can give you an idea of how much you can earn from publishing low and no-content books on Amazon KDP. In my personal opinion, only 10-15% of present kdp authors are making $1000 or more with kdp low content and no content books. 

If you want to increase your kdp sales, you can check this blog post which talks about 6 Pro Tips to Get More Book Sales.

Can You Make a Living on Kdp?

Amazon kdp is a business and it works like any business, it only favors people who are willing to put in a lot of effort and time. Many people may not be able to make a living from it, mainly because most people take this as a hobby and they work on it whenever they feel like it. 

A couple of kdp books ranking just below 10k best seller rank can easily make you $1000 to $1500 per month. Furthermore, 5 to 10 such books can make you well over $5k / month which makes a living in most parts of the USA and the rest of the world in general.

Below are some easy-to-create Amazon KDP books that are making a lot of sales every single month. Though not every book you publish will make the same amount of money, however, you can have an idea of what is possible with kdp publishing.

Book TitleBest Seller Rank Monthly Sales (Estimated)Monthly Income (Estimated)
Number Tracing Book for Preschoolers6,149557$802
Tracing Numbers 1-100 For Kindergarten2,0081,326$1,882
Start with Gratitude5,527607$1,226
Word Search for Kids2,0501,305$2,649
Toddler’s First Coloring Book Ages 1-34134,0225,791

If you ask me, I am making $700/mo on average which is considered a living in the area I am currently living in.

Therefore, which country or part of the world you are living in matters the most when it comes to making a living with Amazon KDP or any other online income idea.

I am currently making math workbooks considering the fact that early education is a huge niche on Amazon KDP.

The software I am using is math worksheets generator, and I have written a detailed blog post about this software, you can read my review of the math worksheet generator here.

Can Writing a Book Make You Rich?

Self-publishing a book via Kindle direct publishing doesn’t cost you any money or upfront investment.

Anyone from any part of the world can sign up for a free account on Amazon KDP and start uploading his / her first book within days or weeks. Some books can only take you a few hours to make and these books are known as low-content books.

Writing a book can potentially make you rich if you have a lot of fan following or you manage to write a book that appeals to a large audience or solves a huge problem. Part of that is, when you sell a book you are not selling a book, rather you are selling a solution to a common problem. 

Take the example of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” or the more recent one “Atomic Habits” and ask yourself why these books are so successful. These books are successful and earn their writers a fortune because they appeal to a massive audience and solve a much bigger problem. 

For sure, not every book is going to attain such huge success, however, success does leave clues. If You follow the pattern and manage to write a book that solves one major problem then you don’t need to count the dollars!

I personally have a book that generated over $8,650 since it was first published. This one book has earned around 45% of my lifetime earnings with amazon kdp. So, one book has the potential to make you a living or make you a rich person, at least in the area you are living in right now!

By the way, If you are curious about how I started with amazon kdp and when I started earning money with low-content books, I have written a whole blog post and you can read how I made my first $100 with kdp here.

My Verdict!

You can make a decent amount of money with Amazon KDP if you manage to create the right type of books for the right audience. You need to do proper research before creating a book, think of who is your target customer, what problems he/she is facing, and what solutions you can provide in the form of a book. 

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