Amazon KDP Category for Journals and Notebooks (Low Content Books)

Are you looking for the most suitable kdp category for journals? You are at the right place as I have done thorough research and found some relevant categories for kdp journals and notebooks.

Books › Self-Help › Journal Writing is the most relevant category for journals. This specifically applies to blank-lined journals.

As people line journals to jot down ideas, thoughts, feelings, and experiences, therefore, you can list them under journal writing which is a sub-category under the main category of Self-Help.

amazon kdp categories for journals and notebooks

On the other hand, if you are publishing a journal on Amazon that is not necessarily a blank lined notebook, like a gratitude or prayer journal, you can place it in an additional book category as well.


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KDP Category for Prayer Journals

When it comes to prayer journals for Christians you can list them under Books › Religion & Spirituality › Christian Books & Bibles › Worship & Devotion › Prayerbooks.


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amazon kdp categories for journals and notebooks


As you can see, this time I chose a different main category under books: Religion and spirituality. And beneath this surface-level Amazon category lies Christian Books & Bibles which further many sub-categories including Worship & Devotion.

Finally, under Worship & Devotion, you can find a placement with the name of Prayerbooks.

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KDP Categories for Gratitude Journals

Books › Self-Help › Emotions and Books › Self-Help › Journal Writing are the most related Amazon KDP categories for gratitude journals. You can also add your gratitude journal to a third book category which is Books › Self-Help › Happiness.

kdp categories for gratitude journals 2

I searched Amazon and found that one of the first gratitude journals is listed under these categories;

  • Books › Self-Help › Emotions 
  • Books › Self-Help › Journal Writing
  • Books › Self-Help › Happiness

KDP Categories for Notebooks

I did a quick search on Amazon for notebook writing and found that the most famous and best-selling notebooks are listed under the following Amazon categories for books;

  • Books › Business & Money › Processes & Infrastructure › Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Books › Reference › Words, Language & Grammar › Handwriting

Regarding relevancy, Books › Business & Money › Processes & Infrastructure › Office Equipment & Supplies is the most suitable kdp category for notebooks.

kdp category for notebooks


Similarly, you can add additional categories to your notebooks based on the theme of the notebook. For example, if you publish a book with a funny quote or saying on the front cover, then you may list it under the following kdp category;

  • Books › Humor & Entertainment › Humor › Business & Professional

Tips for Choosing the Right KDP Categories

Below are some quick tips for finding the most appropriate kdp categories for journals, notebooks, and other similar low-content books. 

  • Think of the purpose of the journal or notebook. For example, if it’s a journal with lines only, the end user will use it to write down thoughts, ideas, and daily life experiences. That’s why you can list it under the Journal Writing category.
  • If you are publishing a themed journal like a gratitude journal then you can put it under a different Amazon book category like Emotions, Happiness, or Self Transformation.
  • Journals aimed at kids should go with a category for children’s books, not under Self-help.
  • You can place simple lined notebooks and composition notebooks under the Office Equipment and Supplies categories.
  • Never try to fit your journals, notebook, and sketchbooks in irrelevant book categories as it creates a bad user experience and may result in a penalty.

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Even though kdp has classified journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, and similar books with repetitive pages as low-content books, however, they haven’t added a dedicated book category for them. So, you can include them in one or more most relevant categories.

In this blog post, I also gave you some live example of already published books and showed you what Amazon categories they are listed in.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short read. If you did then do share it with one of your friends.



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Choosing Best Categories for Low Content Books

Q: What is Amazon KDP’s Category for Journals and Notebooks (Low Content Books)?

A: Amazon KDP doesn’t have any specific category for journals and notebooks, however, Books > Self Help > Journal Writing is the closely related category for Simple lined journals and notebooks 

Q: How do I select the appropriate category on Amazon for my low content book?

A: When publishing your low content book on Amazon KDP, you can choose categories for your book that accurately represent its content and target audience.

Q: Can I change the categories for my low content book on Amazon after it has been published?

A: Yes, you have the right to change the categories for your low content book on Amazon KDP even after it has been published. You can do that by getting in touch with kdp support team their Contact Us page

Q: What are the steps to pick categories for my low-content book on Amazon KDP?

A: You can select the categories for your low-content book during the publishing process on Amazon KDP by using the “Choose Categories” button and adding the appropriate category paths. First select the main category, then a sub-category, and finally select the most relevant placement.

Q: How many categories can I choose for my low-content book on Amazon KDP?

A: Amazon KDP allows you to pick up to three categories for your low-content book during the publishing process.

Q: Are there specific category options available for low-content books on Amazon KDP?

A: No, Amazon KDP doesn’t offer specific category options for low-content books.

Q: Can I add another category later to my low-content book on Amazon KDP?

A: No, As per the latest kdp guidelines, you can’t add l category after publishing your low-content book on Amazon KDP.

Q: How can I find the appropriate categories for my low-content book on Amazon KDP?

A: You can use tools like Book Bolt Category Finder or a manual category search on Amazon to find potential categories for your low-content book.

Q: Will Amazon KDP allow me to see a category path before finalizing the selection?

A: Yes, Amazon KDP enables you to see the category path and subcategories before finalizing your choice during the category selection process.

Q: Are there any best practices for choosing categories for low-content books on Amazon KDP?

A: It’s recommended to choose categories that accurately represent the content and audience for your low-content book on Amazon KDP to give it maximum visibility and reach.

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