9 Best KDP Niches 2022 To Make Passive Income With Amazon KDP!

As we are already into quarter 2 of 2022, therefore, It would be a great idea to have a bunch of the best kdp niches for the year 2022. Keeping this in mind, I have made a list of profitable kdp niches for kdp low content and no content books. 

I think this is the right time to pace up and start creating good quality kdp books so that you can make more sales during Q3 and Q4 in particular. The niche ideas or book ideas I am going to share with you have a fairly good demand and a decent amount of competition!

So without further ado, let’s get started…

Before moving towards a list of top kdp niches in 2022, you may want to have a look at 9 profitable kdp niches for the year 2021. Most of these kdp book ideas are evergreen and they still work in 2022!

List of Best Kdp Niches 2022 and Beyond!

9 best kdp niches 2022 to make passive income online

I have done a lot of research and made a list of the best kdp niches for you! You can take this as a token of appreciation for being my regular reader or paying the first visit to my blog!

# 1 – Educational Workbooks for Kids

Educational workbooks are one of the best-selling books on Amazon and you can too enter into this niche and earn some real passive income. This is a huge niche with a ton of sub-niches and your success lies in your ability to find those under-served sub-niches. 

educational workbooks for kids

To help you get started I have made a list of sub-niche under the educational workbooks niche:


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  • Learn to write Letters books
  • Learn to write numbers books
  • Preschool math activity books
  • Sight word books for kids
  • Pencil control books for toddlers
  • Pre-handwriting workbooks
  • My first 100 words books
  • Awesome facts books for kids
  • Human body activity book for kids

✨ Want to create a coloring book in Canva? I have also written a blog post on How to Use Canva for Kdp Low Content Books, in which I have shown a step-by-step process to create a simple coloring book for free!

# 2 – Activity Books For Kids

This is another very huge and popular low content book niche for amazon kdp. The activity books are especially popular among parents who know the benefits of these type of books. 


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Tough these surface-level niches seem to be very competitive, however, niching down can be really helpful for you to generate some decent sales. Below are some of the sub-niche under this main activity book niche.

preschool activity workbook for kids

Sub-Niches for Activity Books for Kids

  • Dot markers for toddlers activity book
  • Cut and paste workbooks for kids ages 4-8
  • Preschool activity book trucks cars and airplanes
  • Brain games sticker by number for kids
  • 1-year-old activity books for boys
  • Dot to dot book for 5-year-old
  • Color by numbers for kids ages 4-8 girls
  • Spot the difference for kids 8-10
  • Maze puzzle book for kids ages 8-12 years

# 3 – Puzzle Books For Kids

Puzzle books are also very popular on amazon kdp and many publishers are making a whole lot of money with them. You can too publish some decent quality books and make passive income online

puzzle books for kids - word searches

Just like the activity book niche, puzzle books also have a lot of sub-niches and some may be very less competitive as well. To give you an idea of what kind of books you can create, here are some sub-niches under this main puzzle book niche:

Sub-Niches for Puzzle Books for Kids

To find sub-niches with low competition you can think of a theme like space, school, sports, etc. 

  • Crossword puzzles for kids ages 12 and up
  • Kids crossword puzzles ages 8-10 space
  • Word search puzzle book for kids ages 10-12 dinosaur
  • Zoo animal word search puzzle book for kids
  • Sudoku puzzles for kids 9×9
  • Sudoku puzzles for kids 6×6
  • I spy book for kids ages 8-10
  • Sticker puzzles kids activity book
  • I spy with my little eye construction vehicles

👉 You may like to check out my blog post about the Powerpoint Puzzle Generator, that an extremely helpful tool for creating puzzles within Powerpoint within minutes!

# 4 – Anxiety Relief Coloring Books

It’s kind of cliche to say that coloring books are extremely popular on Amazon. And we all know when something is more popular, it attracts a whole lot of competition as well, the same is true for kdp coloring books! 

Though the coloring book niche is very competitive, there are still some sub-niches where you can get decent sales. Just like I have recently found this “Anxiety Relief Coloring Book” niche, it has very less competition, and the books on the first page have excellent Best Seller Ranks. 

anxiety relief coloring books for adults

The exact keywords, anxiety relief coloring book has just over 2000 competing products on amazon which means the competition is still very low! So, you can create a better-looking book with a better interior and can potentially make a decent income in this kdp coloring book niche!

Some related keywords and phrases are:

  • Anxiety relief coloring book for adults
  • Anxiety relief coloring book for teens
  • Anxiety relief coloring book for women
  • Anxiety relief coloring book for kids
  • Anxiety relief coloring book large print
  • Anxiety relief coloring book for adults mindfulness
  • Anxiety relief coloring book for adults to relax

# 5 – Large Print Books for Seniors

Large print is a print option by amazon kdp which applies to books with a font size of 16 points or higher. Large print books are helpful for elderly people with low vision and can be a great niche for amazon kdp books. 

large print books for seniors

Large print as being a surface-level niche is a huge niche with a lot of sub-niches. Like you can turn any normal book into a large print book by increasing the font size to 16 points or above. Below I have listed some of the best-selling large print niches for amazon kdp.

Sub-Niches for Large Print Books

  • Large print puzzle books for seniors
  • Large print word search puzzles
  • Large print coloring book
  • Bold and easy large print coloring book
  • Large print address book for seniors
  • Large print password log book
  • Large print cookbooks
  • Large print crossword puzzles

All you need is to set the font size to 16+ and tick the large print option while uploading your book to amazon kdp. 

# 6 – Log Books / Trackers

Log books are extremely popular on amazon and tend to sell all year round. So if you want to create evergreen books then you should focus on the log books niche. There are a ton of sub-niches under this surface level niche and you can find these sub-niches easily using free tools like Ultimate Amazon Search Suggestion Expander.

log books or trackers - income and expense log book

I personally love to create and publish log books on amazon kdp. During 2020 I published a handful of log books and one of them really took off. So, you can expect a really good income with log books or trackers. 

Sub-Niches for Log Books Niche

Though the log book niche is a huge area, however, I am listing a few of them to give you an idea of the niche.

  1. Nutrition log book
  2. Homeschool log book
  3. Blood pressure log book
  4. Weather log book
  5. Inventory log book
  6. Maintenance log book
  7. Sales log book
  8. Baby log book / Nanny log book
  9. Temperature log book
  10. Pregnancy log book
  11. Medication log book
  12. Transaction log book
  13. Workout log book
  14. Fishing log book
  15. Medical log book

Watch my video tutorial about how to create a password log book inside PowerPoint.

# 7 – Short Story Books for Kids

Story books for kids are extremely popular on amazon and can be really profitable as well. Most of the time these story books have a short story for kids to teach them something in a fun way. 

For instance,  if you want to teach kids letters of the alphabet then you can create a short story about an animal or boy who learns the letters of the alphabet in a fun way. 

kids story books

The beauty of the children’s story book is you don’t need to write a 200-page story, rather, you only need 500 to 1000 words to create a 25-40 page book. I have published a kids’ story book with 500 words only and it has 24 pages.

The story books are full-colored books and come with relevant illustrations or pictures to support the story in a fun way. You can get these illustrations from sites like Creative Fabrica and publish your first story book for kids.

Topics / Ideas for Kids Story Books

Below are some of the topics or ideas for creating short story books for kids.

  • Learning colors of the rainbow
  • Learning letters for the alphabet
  • Teaching kids the habit of sharing
  • Teaching kids the benefits of truthfulness
  • Teaching kids love and compassion
  • Teaching kids health habits
  • Teaching kids table manners
  • Teaching kids the importance of cleanliness
  • Teaching kids anger management
  • Teaching kids time management

# 8 – Learning to Write Foreign Language Books

Most people need to learn a second language therefore they also need to practice writing that language as well. For example, if you want to learn Japanese, then you would also need to practice writing Japanese letters as well. 

foreign language writing practice notebooks

This creates a demand for writing practice books for different languages, like Japanese practice notebooks, Chinese practice notebooks, etc. 

These books are basically blank books with letter and character tracing pages. Below are some examples of these writing practice notebooks.

  • Genkouyoushi Notebook / Kanji Practice Notebook
  • Chinese Practice Notebook
  • Korean Practice Notebook
  • German Writing Practice Notebook
  • Mandarin Writing Practice Book
  • Spanish Writing Workbook For Adults
  • French Practice Writing Book
  • Arabic Writing Practice Book
  • Hindi Writing Practice Book

# 9 – Coloring Books for Toddlers

Coloring books for toddlers are selling like a hot cake on amazon and I personally saw many newly published books generating a lot of sales. These coloring books are easy to create using tools like Canva.

my first coloring books for toddlers

All you need is to think of is a common theme, collect or create 50 to 100 colorable graphics, import them to canva or Powerpoint, add some text, and export them as a pdf file. Some examples of coloring books for toddlers include:

  • My first toddlers coloring book vehicles
  • My first toddlers coloring book construction vehicles
  • My first toddlers coloring book of things that go
  • My first toddlers coloring book shapes, numbers, and animals
  • Coloring books vehicles for kids
  • My first coloring books for toddlers

I have written a detailed post about How to Create Coloring Books for Amazon Kdp the Right Way! You may find it useful too!

My Verdict

In this post, I have shared with you some really profitable kdp niches to publish low content books in 2022 and beyond. I have not only shared the surface-level niches but also given you a handful of sub-niches as well. Now it’s your turn to pick up the best sub-niches for you and start creating good quality books.

Thanks for reading this post till the very end! If you’ve found this helpful then do share it with your friends, just click on one of the social sharing buttons below this post!

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