Tangent Templates Promo Code 2024

Welcome to my blog, I am Subha Malik and in this blog post, I will share with you how to get tangent templates promo code or coupon code!

As a matter of fact, tangent templates don’t share a coupon or promo code on their site or YouTube channel, but you can still get their coupon code by contacting their support.

This is exactly what I did when I purchased tangent templates via Gumraod.

Below I will show you the step-by-step process, how I contacted them, what I said, and how they replied with a coupon code.

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How To Get Tangent Templates Promo Code

tangent templates promo code 2024


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You can contact Tangent Templates at their official email address support@tangent.rocks and ask them for a promo code and most probably you will get a positive response.

When I purchased tangent templates back in October 2020, I emailed them to the above email address and they provided me a promo code that gave me $10 off. That coupon code was only for Gumroad (I purchased it via Gumraod).

Actually, I got a screenshot of the email I sent:

tangent templates coupon code - email

As you can see from the conversation above, I simply asked for any available coupon code and they provided me with a $10 off coupon code. So, I got tangent templates for $49 instead of $59. You can do the same and get at least $10 off.

This is the only way you can get Tangent Templates coupon code or promo code. Most probably, You won’t find it at any coupon site online.

Note: I have hidden the coupon code as I am not supposed to share it.

Final Thoughts

So, in today’s quick blog post, I have shared how I got tangent templates discount code via their support email. You can do the same and hopefully, you will get $10 off too.

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