Self Publishing Titans Masterclass (KDP): Full Review

Welcome to my blog, my name is Subha Malik. I am a kdp low content publisher and YouTuber and here on my blog, I love to share what I learn about amazon kdp.

Today in this blog post, I am going to talk about Self Publishing Titans Masterclass which is basically an Amazon kdp course that will help you start and scale your kdp low-content business. 

The specialty of this kdp masterclass is that it is created by a couple who had great success with this kdp low content thing. 

Who are they?

If you don’t know already, Self-publishing Titans is founded by a couple, Corvin & Cleo, both are kdp publishers.

They have been publishing kdp low content and medium content books since April 2019. To date they have managed to earn just around $300k from amazon kdp, that’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

During their publishing journey, they have learned a lot of things about the kdp business and they have also created a handful of free kdp tools. These free tools have helped many kdp publishers find profitable kdp niches and keywords.


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Now they have launched a kdp masterclass to share their knowledge with people like you and me. In this kdp masterclass, they have over 100 resources including 80 videos and 20 downloadable resources. 

Note: There are only 48 hours left on the launch special price. Currently, the price is $97 and in the next 48 hours (until August 17, 2022), the price will go up to $297.

Keep in mind right now you are also getting 2 tools included with the Masterclass. Those tools will be sold for about $80 between both of them once those tools are released publicly in the next couple of weeks.

So if you like the tools and find those of value, that might be worth getting now with the Masterclass included.

An Overview of The Self Publishing Titans Masterclass

self publishing titans master class - amazon kdp - overview and special launch discount

Below I will be sharing with you an overview of the kdp masterclass by self-publishing titans. The masterclass is very structured and you are going to have lifetime access, there is no need to rush through it. 


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Section # 1 – Overview of Self Publishing Titans Masterclass

This section is all about who this masterclass is for and what to expect from it. If you ask me, this masterclass is for anyone who wants to create passive income amazon kdp and is willing to put in time and effort. 

This is not a Get Rich Quick scheme and you can’t expect immediate results from it. Therefore, you have to have the right expectations for this course and the overall self-publishing business.

Section # 2 & 3 – Beginner Stuff (Getting Familiar with KDP)

This section is all about getting familiar with amazon kdp and knowing things like how to create a kdp account, and how to add bank info to get paid from kdp. 

The lessons are;

  • Walkthrough of the entire KDP Platform
  • Sign up with KDP
  • Adding Banking Details
  • Creating a Payoneer account for foreigners

Section # 4 – KDP Mindset & Expectations

This section is one of the most important sections in the masterclass. It can give you the right mindset and perspective for self-publishing books on amazon kdp.

This section includes tutorials on;

  • First Six Months On KDP
  • How Much Can You Make With KDP
  • Frequently Asked Questions about KDP

Section # 5 – Making Your First or Next $1,000

In this section Corvin shares the KDP plan for earning your $1,000 with amazon kdp. It includes what types of books you should publish, and how many books you should publish in a given niche. 

Note, this kdp plan is exactly the same that the creator of the masterclass did himself along with his wife to earn their very first 1,000 with kdp. And they kept repeating this to eventually make just below $300k since April 2019.

The lessons inside this section include;

  • Kdp Plan To Reach Your First $1,000 (Or Next $1,000)
  • Quality Vs Quality
  • The Game Plan
  • 30 Steps You Need To Take With Kdp

Honestly, I haven’t seen this type of plan in any other kdp course, this stuff is real. If you get it right you can easily make your first $1,000 with amazon kdp.

Section # 6 – Types of KDP Books You Can Make

In this section, Corvin will walk you through 60 different types kdp books you can create to earn passive income online. This section is especially helpful for beginners and people who are looking for what to sell on amazon kdp.

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Section # 7 – Free KDP Book Making Tools

This section includes info about using self-publishing titan free book creating tools that you can use to make interiors for your kdp low-content books. 

The lessons in this section include:

  • How to Use All My Free Tools
  • How to Create Low Content Books Fast and Easy

Section # 8 – Free KDP Keyword / Niche Tools

In this section, Corvin shares their way of finding profitable keywords and niches using their free chrome extensions. 

  • Keyword Research Extension – Part 1
  • Keyword Research Extension – Part 2
  • Using Amazon Search Suggestion Expander Free Tool

Also, check out my blog post about Kdp Niche Research Extension For Low Content Books.

Section # 9 – How to Find Great KDP Niches

Next is a very detailed section about finding great KDP Niches. In this section, Corvin shows you live niche research using free chrome extensions. You will also learn how to find trends with the help of Google Trends and Ticktock.

The lessons in this section include:

  • How to Find Hot Niches
  • How to Find Trends
  • Finding Good Niches – Live (Part 1)
  • Finding Good Niches – Live (Part 2)
  • Finding Good Niches – Live (Part 3)
  • Top 10,000 Amazon Searches (Currently)
  • 3,000 Possible Niches
  • Ideas for Niches, Themes & Covers

Section # 10 – Creating Good Titles to Rank on Amazon

This section is extremely helpful as you will learn a lot about creating very good titles for your kdp books that actually get clicks and sales. You will find some really good examples of creating titles. 

The lessons are;

  • How to Create a Great Title
  • Creating Good Book Titles – Live (Part 1)
  • Creating Good Book Titles – Live (Part 2)
  • Creating Good Book Titles – Live (Part 3)

Section # 11 – The Basics for a Great Cover that Sells

This is another really helpful section in which Corvin shows his own successful strategy of researching and coming up with best-selling book cover ideas. 

Note you won’t find any info about how to design a cover in Photoshop or Canva, as this isn’t a design class. Rather you will learn about the fundamental of researching and finding competitive covers that can successfully compete with the existing book covers.

The lessons are;

  • Planning 5 Good Cover Designs – Live (Part 1)
  • Planning 5 Good Cover Designs – Live (Part 2)
  • Creating a Winning Cover
  • Back of Book Cover Tips
  • Biggest Cover Mistakes

Section # 12 – 7 Backend Keywords the Correct & Easy Way

This section includes one detailed guide about how to fill 7 backend keywords correctly and easily. As most kdp publishers tend to overthink about what to add in the 7 keyword slots, this section provides a really helpful way to do that correctly.

By the time of writing this blog post, I haven’t yet gone through the rest of the masterclass. So I will only provide you with an overview of the lessons under each section.

Section # 13 – Easily Check for Trademarks

The section is all about easily checking your keywords and niches again possible trademarks. This is important because a trademark infringement can lead you to kdp ban.

There are two lessons inside this section about Trademarks:

  • Best & Easiest Way to Check Trademarks
  • Keywords and Trademarks to Avoid

Read more about how to check your keywords for trademarks – KDP Trademark Checker: Guide to Safeguard Your KDP Account

Section # 14 – Hiring & Resources for Making Books / Covers

This section is for advanced publishers or people who don’t have time but have the budget to start and scale their kdp business. Inside this section you will learn about;

  • How to Hire a Freelancer on Upwork
  • How to Hire a Freelancer on Fiverr
  • Stock Images and Templates for Books & Covers
  • Freelancer Template

Section # 15 – Writing Good Book Descriptions

The book descriptions play a major role in converting a click into a sale. If you have a very good book cover and title but a bad book description then most probably the customer won’t buy it.

So, this section is extremely important too. The lessons in this section include;

  • Writing a Book Description that Sells
  • Book Description Template

Section # 16 – Finding Best Book Categories

Listing your book under the right categories can book your sales that’s why you need to find the best and most relevant book categories for your kdp low-content books.

There is one lesson in this section that is;

  • How to Find the Best Book Categories to Boost Sales

Section # 17 – Pricing Your Book Correctly

The price of your kpd book is also a factor that determines the success of the book. You need to learn this art of correctly pricing your book so that can get a decent ROI even after running ads.

There is one lesson in this section;

  • How to Price Your Book Correctly

Section # 18 – Reviews for Books

Reviews are one of the factors that decide the success of a book over a period of time. The book reviews provide social proof to the customer about the quality and usefulness of the book. 

However, most newbie publishers get this wrong and they try different shady tactics to get some reviews, which is not recommended.

Keeping in mind the importance of book reviews, you can learn a lot in this section. The lessons are;

  • Asking for Reviews in your Book
  • Don’t Pay for Reviews
  • Page to Get Reviews and Giveaways
  • Last Page of Book

Section # 19 – Basics of Launching a Book

Successful kdp publishers like Corvin & Cleo have a book launch strategy in place that works well for them almost every time. 

And this section is all about the basics of launching a book. The lessons are;

  • How to Rank a Book Organically
  • How to Launch a Book

Section # 20 – Uploading Your First Book

If you are an experienced kdp publisher and have uploaded many books already, then you may want to skip this section. But I personally won’t skip this as there might be some little details I might be missing. So, do watch this section as well.

The lessons inside this section include;

  • Your First Book
  • How to Upload a Book to KDP
  • Link Your Book to Another One

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Section # 21 – A+ Content for Your Books

A+ can help you make more sales, as it lets you showcase your book’s interiors. In this customers will have more information about the book and they can buy with confidence. 

This section has the following lessons;

  • Basics of A+ Content
  • Basics of Creating Good A+ Content

Section # 22 – Next Steps – After Your Book is Live

When you have launched your book, you need to take some steps to make your book generate initial sales. These after-launch strategies build a foundation for a long terms success for your book.

The lessons include;

  • Adding an Author Page on Amazon
  • Basics of Building a Brand with Your Books
  • How to Create a Facebook Group

Section # 22 – Pro Tips for KDP

Be ready for some Pro tips that help you earn more from your kdp low content and medium content books. In this section, Corvin will be sharing his insider tips for kdp success.

The lessons are;

  • Awesome KDP Tips
  • When to Launch a Book for the Holidays
  • What to Do When a Book is Not Selling

Section # 23 – Basics of Amazon Ads

Amazon ads really helpful and often make an integral part of the launch strategy. The good thing is you don’t need a pile of money to run amazon ads, you can start with $10, $20, or $100. 

This section is about the basics of amazon ads for low-content books. The lessons are;

  • Complete Amazon Ads Platform Walkthrough
  • Amazon Ads Types & Structure
  • Truth about Ads
  • Purpose for Ads
  • When to Pause or Adjust a Campaign
  • KDP Glossary
Amazon Ads 2022 for Beginners – How to Setup Automatic, Manual, and Product Ads for Your Kdp Books! – Subha Malik

Section # 24 – Budget for Amazon Ads

You need to set aside some money for running amazon ads, however, I won’t recommend you to use your credit cards to run ads. You should have some additional money to run ads. 

The lessons inside this section are;

  • Budget for Ad Campaign
  • If on a Lower Ads Budget

Section # 25 – Automatic Ad Campaigns

Automatic amazon ads are the easiest ads for kdp low-content books. You don’t need a list of keywords to run auto ads as amazon uses AI technology to show your ads for relevant keywords.

The lessons inside this section include;

  • Auto Campaign Overview
  • How to Create an Auto Campaign
  • Scaling Your Auto Campaign
  • Automatic Ads – Step-by-Step Screenshots

Section 26 – Manual Keyword Campaigns

The second ad campaigns are manual keyword campaigns, they include manual keywords ads, manual product ads, and manual categories ads. 

The things you learn about manual amazon ads include;

  • How to Create a Keyword Campaign
  • What Kind of Keywords to Use
  • Keyword Targeting Ads – Step-by-Step Screenshots
  • Keyword Ad Templates

Section 27 – Manual Product & Category Campaigns

In this section, you will learn about manual product ads and manual category ads. There are the following lessons under this section;

  • What Product Targets and Categories Are
  • How to Create a Product Campaign
  • How to Create Category Campaign
  • Product Targeting Ads – Step-by-Step Screenshots
  • Category Ads – Step-by-Step Screenshots

Section 28 – Our Launch Strategy

As mentioned earlier, you need to have a book launch strategy in place to generate sales over a period of time. Self publishing titans have their own successful book launch strategy, and in this section, you will learn the same.

The lessons are;

  • When to Launch Ads for Books
  • Book Launch with Ads
  • Amazon Ads During Q4

Section 29 – Scaling & Optimizing Ads

In this section, you will learn about how to scale your successful ad campaigns and also how to optimize your ads to boost your ROI. This is super important because in this way you will have efficient use of your ad budget.

The lessons are;

  • How to Correctly Optimize Your Ads
  • When to Increase Your Bids and Scale
  • How to Manage Ads with Zero Sales
  • Biggest Ads Mistakes Costing You Money
How To Optimise Ads for Amazon Kdp Low Content Books Under 3 Minutes! – Subha Malik

Section 30 – End of Course Feedback

This is the last section, here you can share your comments or feedback about this kdp masterclass by self publishing titans.

That’s it. You can revisit the course which is highly recommended as we tend to skip things and miss some important details. So, the course a second round would be extremely useful.

My Final Verdict

I have enrolled in this kdp masterclass by self publishing titans, and I must say I am really enjoying it even though I have decent experience in kdp low content books. Still, I am learning a lot. 

I think self publishing titans masterclass is the best kdp course so far, keeping in mind that I have enrolled in almost 7 other kdp courses. However, I have found this thorough and more practical than other kdp courses.

Thank you for reading this course to the very end, if you’ve found this helpful then do share this with your friends.

Thanks for sharing it❤

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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