KDP Trademark Checker: Guide to Safeguard Your KDP Account

Yesterday, I almost infringed while creating a low content book for amazon kdp. Luckily, before hitting the publish button I thought why not check my title for a possible trademark infringement. 

So, I went on to the USPTO trademark search site and did a search for my book title.  And to my astonishment, the exact keyword was trademarked under class 016. I got really frustrated as I did all the hard work to create the book interior, book cover, and book metadata and now I was in no position to publish this book.

However, the good thing that happened to me was, I saved myself from future frustration which was going to happen if I hadn’t checked my title for trademark infringement. 

Secondly, I also learned a lesson and that is to always check your kdp keywords for a possible trademark or copyright infringement before creating your kdp interiors!

In this post, I will be sharing with you the exact keyword that I found was trademarked word(s) and you are not allowed to use that to create any low or no content book. Otherwise, you can lose your kdp account!

Later in this post, I will also share the links for checking your title against trademark infringement in the US, UK, and Canada. So, stick around…

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KDP Trademark Checker to Safeguard Your KDP Account

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So, before sharing the kdp trademark checker links, let me share the trademarked keyword I was about to use as my book title. 


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The keyword is “Habit Tracker” and it is a trademarked word/phrase under class 016 which represents a trademark for paper, cardboard, books, and similar products. Below are the search results from USPTO about the phrase “habit tracker”. 

habit tracker uspto search results

So, if you find any keyword or phrase that is trademarked under class 016, don’t try to use it for creating a paperback or hardcover book. And most importantly, do your trademark research beforehand.

KDP Trademark Checker Sites

Below are some useful links you can use to run your kdp keywords through the trademark databases in US, UK, and Canada.

# 1 – USPTO

USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) is an official site for doing trademark search for the US marketplace. This site is a bit hard to navigate, therefore I am going to share with you the direct link to the page. 

Just head on to: https://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/gate.exe?f=login&p_lang=english&p_d=trmk

And you will see this page;

uspto trademark database

On this page, click on the Basic Word Mark Search. This will lead you to the page below, where you can enter your keyword or phrase to run it through the database. After entering your keyword, you can select some filters like live or dead and the type of search phrase. I have selected The Exact Search Phrase. 

Upon hitting the “Submit Query” button, you will be presented with the results page as shown below;

habit tracker uspto search results

Now you can click on one of the results to see further details. I have clicked on the 2nd result, and I can see that the exact keyword “habit tracker” is registered under class IC 016.

word mark habit tracker

As you can see, the word habit tracker is a trademarked word or mark and I can’t use it as the title of my book. You can do the trademark search the same way and keep your kdp account safe.

# 2 – Trademarkia

Trademarkia is the largest free trademark search platform. It’s very easy to use, all you need is to open trademarkia.com and enter your keyword in the search box, and hit enter. 

trademarkia trademark search platform

On the next page, you can see an overview of the search results where you can click on individual results to see further details. Trademarkia is updated regularly with the latest trademarks from the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

# 3 – Intellectual Property Office (UK Marketplace)

kdp trademark checker uk

Intellectual Property Office is the operating name of the UK Patent Office. You can use this site to check your kdp keywords to avoid trademark infringement in the UK marketplace. This site is very easy to use, all you need is to search by “Word and Image’ enter your keyword or phrase, and hit enter.

So, this is a very helpful kdp trademark checker for the UK marketplace. 

# 4 – Canadian Trademarks Database

To do a trademark check in the Canadian marketplace you can directly visit the Canadian Trademarks Database on the link below:


canadian trademark database

On the same page, you can enter the keyword or phrase in the given search box and click the “Search” button. On the next page, you can see the results and open the individual results for further details. 

So, this site can serve as a kdp trademark checker for Canada.

Let’s Summarize It

In this blog post, I have shared my mistake about trademark infringement and the lessons I learned from my mistake. Secondly, I have also shared four different sites that you can use as kdp trademark checkers. Trademark and copyright infringement is not only an unethical way of doing a business, it also leads you to lose your kdp account.

Thanks for reading…Do share it with your friends!

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