Amazon Kdp: Finding Profitable Niches with Low Competition

Hi, I am Subha Malik and in this video, I will show you how to find Profitable Niches with Low Competition for low and no content books.

Many newbie publishers ask me how to find low competition niches for kdp low content books, that are profitable as well. So, the kdp niches that fulfill this criterion are the ones that have high or at least fairly good demand but have a less number of competing listings on amazon!

There are many ways to find that kind of profitable kdp niches, and in today’s post, I will share with you a simple trick to do that!

Here, the idea is to find similar words or synonyms for a given book type. For that purpose, I have used an online thesaurus and I also did a simple Google search to find those words or other names for a book type.

By following this method I have found 5 Profitable Niches with Low Competition!

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Finding Profitable Niches with Low Competition – Amazon Kdp

Let’s have a look at 5 low competition kdp niches, I found using the method above.

I partially learned this trick from The Home Boss as I took her idea and did my own spin on it.


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kdp amazon profitable niches with low competition

# 1 – Memo Book

As I mentioned earlier, I searched for synonyms for “Notebook” and found the following words that people use to describe a notebook.

notebook synonyms-memo-book

As you can see, people also use words like binder, diary, journal, pad, daybook, workbook, and memo book to describe a notebook.

So, I did a search for memo book on amazon and came across below low competition niche “memo book 4×6 80 sheets. It has a low number of competing products but has a good demand:

memo book 4x6 80 sheets

You can see, there are 307 competing products for the given keyword and it has a very good average BSR of 31k which suggests a decent demand. You can also see that the KNS (Keyword Niche Score) is 55 and anything above 50 is a good indication.

# 2 – Balance Sheet Notebook

Next, I did a google search “other names for accounting ledger” to find synonyms for an accounting ledger, and the very first word took my eyes;

accounting ledger synonyms

So, I took the word balance sheet and searched on amazon for balance sheet notebook which can be another name for an accounting ledger. And here are the results…

balance sheet notebook

Keyword Niches Score is 45, which is a bit lower, however, it can be a great niche as well. Because it has a low number of competing products (559). The average BSR is over 463k which suggests there is some demand for this keyword as well.

So, If you want to publish an accounting ledger, you can publish it as a balance sheet notebook as well. Or if you like you can also slightly change the book interior as well.

Now you got the idea of finding profitable niches with low competition for kdp low content books. Next, I will quickly reveal the other 3 kdp niches that I found using the same technique.

# 3 – Squared Paper Notebook

Next, I searched for synonyms for a Grap Paper and found a similar word “Squared Paper”. So, I took that keyword and did a search on Amazon for a squared paper notebook. And below are the details for that keyword:

squared paper notebook

As you can see, the keyword niche score is amazingly good as it is over 60. And the number of amazon results is 1578 that is again a good one. Next, comes the average BSR and that is just over 35k.

So, overall this is an amazing keyword if you want to publish a graph paper notebook that is a kind of no-content book.

# 4 – DateBook Planner Aka Daily Planner

Our next niche is a really amazing one. I found this while finding a similar word for a daily planner. So, I came to know that people also use the word datebook planner for a daily planner (mostly in the United Kingdom). So, If you publish a daily planner and title it as a datebook that you expect very good sales.

Datebook planner

The databook planner appears to be a very good niche even in the US marketplace. The keyword niche score is 48 which indicates the niche has low competition but has a decent demand.

There are only 895 competing products on amazon and the average BSR is around 162k which means it is selling a couple of copies every single month.

Most importantly, the keyword datebook planner also has 320 searches per month in Google as well.

# 5 – Pilot Notebook (Bonus Niche)

Next, I found this niche while I was searching for types of Log books. The word Pilot Notebook took my attention and I ended up testing it on Amazon. And below is our niche analysis…

Pilot Log Book

As you can see the keyword niche score is simply amazing, it’s over sixty (64 actually). Next, the keyword pilot notebook has a very less number of competing products i.e 352 amazon search results only.

The average BSR is a bit higher, however, considering the fact that the keyword pilot notebook also has 1900 searches/mo in Google, you can dive into this niche!

Let’s Summarise It

As you have noticed, how using a bit different technique can help you find many Profitable Niches with Low Competition for low and no-content books. If you master this skill of finding low competition kdp niches, you will forget about the saturation myth.

I hope you’ve learned something new after reading this post, if yes then do share it with others!

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