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Hey guys, I am Subba, and today I will share with one of the easiest side hustles that you can start today as a beginner!

I’ll show you a quick way to sell spiral notebooks on Zazzle.

I’ve created a simple-looking spiral notebook on Zazzle called “Cute Pink Watercolor Spiral Notebook,” selling for $22.96 with a 5% royalty on each sale.

cute pink floral spiral notebook
screenshot by author

This is the front cover, the back cover, and another image for potential customers. This notebook is live on Zazzle for sale.


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Selling Print On Demand Notebooks on Zazzle

easy side hustle 2024 - sell spiral notebooks on zazzle
image by author in Canva

Let me quickly show you how you can create and sell similar notebooks on Zazzle.

First, sign up for a free account on Zazzle and create a store. It’s very easy and will take you a few minutes.


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My store is “Sub Creates.” Here are some products I’ve created, including T-shirts, spiral notebooks, and cards.

my zazzle store
author’s zazzle store

To create a spiral notebook, go to the “Create” button, view all products, and search for “notebook.”

Select the “Custom Notebook 8.5 x 11 Spiral Notebook.” Click on it, and you’ll see a blank design that you can customize.

selling a spiral notebook on zazzle
create new product on zazzle

Here is the black design that you can customize using your graphics and text:

blank spiral notebook on zazzle
blank spiral notebook on zazzle

Click on the Customize This Design button to access customize this spiral notebook design:

zazzle design tool
zazzle design tool screenshot by author

I downloaded POD graphics from Creative Fabrica for this notebook. You can get a free trial of Creative Fabrica using this link.

Note: For creating and selling products on print on demand platforms like Zazzle’s, you should only use the graphics with POD licences.

💖 In 2023 Creative Fabrica introduced their new lower and simplified pricing. I have written a detailed blog post about various plans and pricing structures you can read it here.

On creative fabrica there is dedicated section for these products. Print on demand licence allows you to sell designs without making changes.

print on demand graphics from creative fabrica
creative fabrica print on demand graphics

Under the POD tab I searched watercolor and selected one of the pink watercolor backgrounds bundle.

It has very good reviews I have downloaded this as a zip folder and found these are the different watercolor backgrounds.

floral bundle on creative fabrica

Once you have your graphics, upload them, resize them, and create both the front and back covers.

Add simple text like “Notebook” on the front cover. Customize the font and back cover by going to the layers panel.

Preview the design and, when satisfied, click “Done.”

creating front and back cover for spiral notebook
zazzle design tool screenshot by author

Now, click “Sell It” button to sell this on zazzle.

sell spiral notebook on zazzle
sell it option on zazzle

Write a title like “Cute Floral Watercolor Pink Spiral Notebook” and choose relevant department and write a short description;

zazzle meta data for notebooks
zazzle product creation page

Next select relevant categories:

zazzle categories
zazzle product categories

Then you can add up to 10 relevant tags and suitable audience;

zazzle tags and audience
tags and audience section on zazzle

Finlay, set the royalty percentage, confirm your rights, and click “Post.”

zazzle royalty information
royalty information and product submission

Your notebook will be live on Zazzle in a few minutes. You’ll receive a link to your newly published notebook.

zazzle confirmation page
confirmation page by zazzle

That’s it! Now you can sell spiral notebooks on Zazzle and earn passive income using print-on-demand graphics from Creative Fabrica.

Check out their free trial and subscription options by visiting this link.

This story has affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you make a purchase (No Extra Cost To You!).

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