How I Made $283.92/Day With One Math Workbook

The other day, as I went through my KDP reports dashboard, I noticed a huge spike in book royalties on May 5th.

Upon delving deeper into the details, I discovered that one of my math workbooks had achieved an amazing milestone — selling 182 units in a single day!

kdp units sold per day of one math workbook
Screenshot from Author’s KDP reports dashboard

Normally, the same math workbook has been selling multiple copies per day but this time it sold the same amount of copies in a day as it does in a month

This incredible bump in book sales has made me over $280 in a single day.

kdp royalties from one math workbook
Screenshot from Author’s KDP reports dashboard

As the screenshot shows, I made $283.92 from those 182 book sales which I think is an incredible outcome from a single medium content book.


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How I Create Math Workbooks Fast?

I use a web-based tool called Math Worksheets Generator to create math workbooks.

It is the best software to create math worksheets and math workbooks that you can sell on multiple platforms like Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers, and your store.


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Can You Make the Same Money?

Before you get too excited and decide to get your hands on my favorite software to create math workbooks, let me clarify something…

These bulk orders are not typical, these can only happen if you have a high-quality book with positive feedback.

I published this math workbook during Q4 of 2022, and since then it had two bulk orders. It’s a high-quality workbook with a decent number of positive reviews.

Creating high-quality books takes time and effort and most importantly not every book you create will make you passive income.

You need to have a handful of value-packed books, a few will begin to sell provided you run ads for them.


I am pleased with the results from my math workbooks that I published on Amazon via KDP.

Bulk orders are not typical, however, once they come they can fill your heart with happiness and gratitude. That’s what I am experiencing today!

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