The Word List Generator Review: Is It Any Good?

I recently have the chance to use and test drive a brand new kdp software that is The Word List Generator. It’s especially very handy tool for you if you want to create kdp puzzle books fast. 

Today I am going to do a full review of the software and its various components and features. Before going into the details, let’s have a quick look at the capabilities of the word list generator software.

What is The Word List Generator?

It’s a web-based tool that provides you with an easy way to generate various word lists for creating a wide range of word puzzles including word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and more.

It comes with filtering features such as the number of characters, consonants, and vowels. The tool also allows you to split word lists into separate files if required by your puzzle creation software.

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The Word List Generator: All-in-One Word List Generator Software

the word list generator review create amazon kdp puzzle books fast

Below I will walk you through the step-by-step process of generating word lists using the word list generator. But firstly, I want you to know about the different ways you can use this software to make word lists.

The word list generator comes with the following components or word list generation options;

  • Generate
  • AI Generate
  • Bulk Generate
  • Edit File

# 1 Generate

Now let’s just get started with the first option for making word lists, which is Generate. To do that you can click on the Generate button from the top menu as shown below.

generate word lists using the word list generator

Once you are on the Generate page, you will see a filter bar toward the top that you can use to control things like the range of vowels, the range of consonants, the maximum number of words per list, and last but not least an option to choose the language. 

filters in word list generator

As you can see, you can use these global filters to control not only the nature of words but the quantity of the word per list as well. Okay now just check out what’s next on the generate page.

If you scroll down, you notice that there are various prefilled lists of words on the generate page like Adjectives, Adverbs, Aicraf/Airports, and more. You can also think of these lists as categories or sections of words that allow you to make word lists with ease. 

For example, if you only want word lists about animals to create an aminal word puzzle, you can directly go to the Animals Category on the generate page. Under each category, you can there are sub-categories or sub-sections. Like in the Animals category, you can see the following sub-categories:

  • Bird related terms
  • Blue animals
  • Black animals
  • Brown animals
  • Black & white
  • Cattle breeds
  • Colorful insects
  • And so on…

Now let’s create a word list under the list from the animals’ category. To that you can set the minimum and maximum character counts as shown in the image below and click on the A-Z or Random button in front of the given category.

creating animals word lists

When you click on either A-Z or Random button, the word list generator will instantly create a word list and download it as a text file. I have downloaded three word lists from the animals category. 

animals words lists

Similarly, you can create a wide range of word lists that you can use to create word puzzles for kids, adults, and seniors. And you can put together these puzzles and create puzzle books that you can publish on amazon kdp and make passive income.

Pre-loaded Words Categories

If you are curious about what other word categories are available with the word list generator, then look continue reading as I have listed all the word list categories down below.

  1. Adjectives
  2. Adverbs
  3. Aircraft/Airports
  4. Alcoholic Drinks
  5. Animals
  6. Art
  7. Astrology & Horoscopes
  8. Baby
  9. Beaches
  10. Bible
  11. Birds
  12. Birthday
  13. Boats
  14. Body Parts
  15. Books
  16. Business
  17. Castles
  18. Clothes
  19. Colors
  20. Computers
  21. Construction
  22. Countries
  23. Dance
  24. Desserts
  25. Dinosaurs
  26. Drinks
  27. Emotions
  28. England
  29. Engineering
  30. Fairy Tales
  31. Farm
  32. Family
  33. Famous Landmarks
  34. Flowers
  35. Food
  36. Fruit
  37. Furniture
  38. Gadgets
  39. Games
  40. Hairstyles
  41. Germany
  42. General Geography
  43. Health
  44. Historical Event
  45. Hobbies
  46. Holidays
  47. House
  48. Insects
  49. Ireland
  50. Jobs
  51. Latin Phrases
  52. Languages
  53. Law
  54. Makeup
  55. Math
  56. Minerals
  57. Misc
  58. Mountains
  59. Money
  60. Music
  61. Mythical Creatures
  62. Mythology
  63. Nature
  64. Nouns
  65. Numbers
  66. People
  67. Parks
  68. Pets
  69. Pirates
  70. Planets
  71. Plants
  72. Politics
  73. Precious Stones
  74. Religion
  75. Rivers
  76. School
  77. Science
  78. Scotland
  79. Sea Creatures
  80. Seasons
  81. Slang
  82. Shapes
  83. Space
  84. Sports
  85. Tools
  86. Train
  87. Travel
  88. Technology
  89. UK Prime Ministers
  90. UK Counties
  91. US Presidents
  92. United States
  93. US States
  94. Vegetables
  95. Vehicles
  96. Verbs
  97. Volcanos
  98. Wales
  99. War
  100. Weather
  101. Words

So, as you can there are over 100 word list categories or sections that you can have access to with the word list generator. Each main category has 1 or more sub-categories for generating word lists.

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# 2 – AI Generate

The next option to create a word list using the word list generator is AI Generate which uses the power of artificial intelligence to make word lists on a given topic. You can access this option from the main menu, have a look at the screenshot below.

ai generate word lists

Now, here you can enter the topic you want to create a word list on. For example, you can write “3 letter words about animals” in the given box and click on the Generate text button to create a word list about animals where each word contains 3 letters only. 

three letter words about animals

This is a really powerful tool to create as many word lists as many you want. You can enter your topic and also instruct the AI to make a word list of your choice. Like if you can ask it to create word lists with or without vowels.

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# 3 Bulk Generate

Bulk generate is a really powerful tool inside the word list generator. It gives you access to over 750 different word lists that you can mix and match to create totally unique word lists for your word puzzles. 

To access this tool, you can click on Bulk Generate from the main menu. This will take you to the following page where you can see the word lists on the left side and the puzzle Conditions on the right side.

bulk generate inside the word list generator

How to make word lists with Bulk Generate?

To create word lists with bulk generate you can click on or more of the word lists from the left-hand side and then set the conditions or parameters for your word list from the right-hand side. Once you have set your desired conditions, you can click either on A-Z or Random button to generate the word list.

creating word lists with bulk generate

As you can see in the screenshot above, I have selected the first three word lists then I have set my conditions for no. of vowels, no. of consonants, no. of characters per word, and maximum no. of words per list. Then finally I hit the A-Z button to create an alphabetically arrange word list.

This is how you can use the bulk generate tool inside the word list generator software and effortlessly create a wide range of word lists for your puzzles or puzzle books. Now let’s just talk about the last tool which is Edit Files.

>>Checkout The Word List Generator<<

# 4 – Edit Files

The edit files option comes very handy, especially when you have an extensive list of words and want to break it down into smaller word lists. Or you can use this tool to add puzzle titles after a set interval. Like if your word list has 100 words and you want to add a puzzle title after every 20 words, you can easily do this with the Edit file option.

Like if you have a word list with 100 words you can make 5 sub lists of 20 words per list. Doing it manually would take you a lot of time but with the Edit File option, you can do this in the blink of an eye. To access the Edit Files, just go to the top menu and click on the Edit File button.

Edit file option in the word list generator

For demonstration purpose, I have generated a 100 words list using the bulk generate tool and now I will divide this into 5 word lists of 20 words per list. To do this I entered 5 five in the first box and entered “Word Puzzle” in the 2nd box where it asks to add a title for your puzzle.

Then I uploaded my file by using the choose file option and finally clicked on the submit button. Once you click on the submit button, the edit file immediately creates sub-lists and saves them as a zip file.

creating sub-list with edit file tool

Similarly, if you want to simply add a puzzle title after a set no. of words in any given word list. Then you can zero in the very first option and enter the number of rows after which want to add the puzzle title, in the last box.

adding puzzle titles using edit file

Here is the output file after adding puzzle titles. You can see the edit file tool has automatically added the puzzle title after each 20 words.

adding puzzle titles

In this way, you can quickly split or edit your word lists using the Edit File option within the word list generator. I personally found this option really handy, as adding titles or splitting files manually takes a lot of time.

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 Let’s Summarize This

In conclusion, The Word List Generator is a convenient web-based tool that makes word puzzle generation a whole lot easier. You can quickly generate word lists to make a wide range of word puzzles including word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, scramble word puzzles, and many more. 

>>Checkout The Word List Generator<<

That is all from me today, I sincerely hope that you have found the post helpful, if that is the case then do share it with your friends. Just click on one of the sharing buttons below this post!



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