The LCB Vault: My Experience Plus 50% Off Coupon Code

The LCB Vault by Stackinprofit is one of the very first low and no content publishing courses that I took and found really helpful.

So, in this blog post, I will be sharing my personal experience with you guys and also give you a 50% off coupon. I subscribed to the LCB Vault in June 2019 and learned a lot of things from it.

One cool thing about this kdp publishing course is, it’s an ongoing course and Paddy (the creator of this course) is still sharing new training every other week! Currently, there are 98 over-the-shoulder tutorials under the main course.

The LCB Vault: Get 50% Off With Coupon Code Subha

Note: The link to the course is an affiliate link which means I will earn a commission with no extra cost to you!

The LCB Vault Overview

  • New Trainings Added Bi-Weekly (Every Other Thursday)
  • Learn Tips & Tricks That I Use To Run My Own Business
  • Access to Previous Over The Shoulder Training’s (70+)
  • Four Courses In One! (KidsLCB, Q4Profits, Simple Coloring Books & The LCBvault)
  • Private LCBvault FB Group Mastermind
  • Great For Beginners and Advanced KDP Publishers
  • 100+ Combined Videos

Inside the lcb vault you can learn:

  • Kdp keyword research
  • Kdp niche research
  • Cover design
  • Uploading books: Creating Titles, Subtiles, Descritption, Pen Names & Backend Keywords.
  • How to create coloring books from scratch
  • How to create scalabe patterns
  • Amazon advertising
  • Creating kids activity books (Separate Course)
  • Simle coloring books (Separate Course)
  • Q4 Profits (Separate Course)
  • & Lot of tips and tricks
the lac vault by stackinprofit

As you read above, you are going to find a lot of helpful content about kdp low content publishing. In fact, this one course includes 4 different courses that can really help you with your self-publishing life. These four courses include:


My Recommended Courses to Make $500 to $1000/Month


The LCB Vault: Get 50% Off With Coupon Code Subha

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  1. The LCB Vault – Over the shoulder trainings
  2. KidsLCB – Creating Kids Activity Books
  3. Simple Coloring Books – Easiest way to creating coloring books!
  4. Q4 Profits – The 3 Step Action Plan to SMASH Q4

So, you are going to get access to 4 different kdp courses at the price of a single course.

The LCB Vault: Get 50% Off With Coupon Code Subha


Download 15 FREE KDP Interior Templates



My Experience With The LCB Vault

Before subscribing to the lcb vault I was going through another course by stakingprofit known as PrintinProfits that is a beginner-level course. As I got a lot of value from this beginner course I decided to subscribe to the advanced course called the lcb vault to learn more about low content book publishing.

So, I can say these are the two very first courses I took and got a lot of useful knowledge to scale my kdp business. At that time I was earning around $200 per month. After taking the lcb vault I was able to create different types of low content books and most importantly it really helped me in keyword and niche research.

I also learned the simple ad strategies to advertise my low content books on Amazon. The best thing I have learned is to create better covers for my low and no-content books.

Below are some of my favorite tutorials from the lcb vault and companion courses:

#2 The EASIEST Amazon Ads Strategy EVER

#5 The Benefits of Running Ads

#8 This Is A Great Resource For Ideas For Book Ideas

#9 Use This Tool To Stay More Productive

#11 How To Create Patterned Designs

#15 Creating Compositions Notebooks

#19 Fattening Your Niche (This Will Make You MORE Royalties)

#22 50+ Low & No Content Book Ideas for You To Create

#26 Super Easy Way To Create AWESOME Designs

#30 How To Make Better Quality Designs

#33 Tips For Creating Better Designs

#36 HUGE List of Over 200 Job Titles

#45 Watch Me Work (Creating Scalable Covers)

The LCB Vault 50% Off Coupon Code

As promised, I am going to give you a discount code that you can use to grab 50% off on the purchase of the lcb vault. Just use my first name (subha) without quotes at the time of checkout to grab a 50% discount. Currently, the lcb vault is priced at £99.99 and after using this coupon code it will be £49.99.

The LCB Vault: Get 50% Off With Coupon Code Subha

Let’s Summarise It!

The LCB Vault is a wonderful kdp low content publishing course and it can help you with a lot of things about the kdp business. It has a lot of content that helped me in creating better kdp books including better covers, kdp interiors, and better keyword & niche research.

I only share tools and resources that I personally use and believe them to be helpful for you too!

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