What is KDP Interiors? All You Need to Know

Have you ever dreamt of self-publishing a book on Amazon? If so, you’ve likely come across the term “KDP Interiors.” But what exactly does it mean? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this confusion. In this post, I’ll break down everything you need to know about KDP Interiors and how it can help you on your self-publishing journey.

If you are new to my blog, I’m Subha and I have been publishing books on Amazon via Createspace and KDP since May 2017.

I started publishing ebooks, medium content books and low content books. Till today, I have published well over 1200 books on Amazon. 

With this little intro, let’s get back to our topic 🙂

KDP Stands for Kindle Direct Publishing

KDP is Amazon’s platform for self-publishing both digital and physical books. It allows you to upload your manuscript, format it, and publish it for readers worldwide. 


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But here’s the thing: your book needs not only an eye-catching cover, but also a well-designed interior. This is where KDP Interiors come in.


Download 15 FREE KDP Interior Templates

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What Are KDP Interiors: The Soul of Your Book

what is kdp interior a complete guide

Think of KDP Interiors as the blueprint for your book’s insides. It refers to the layout and design of your pages, including elements like margins, fonts, headers, footers, and even page numbering. 

Whether you’re publishing a classic novel, a children’s book, a planner, or a workbook, interior design plays a crucial role in creating a professional and reader-friendly experience.

Who Needs KDP Interiors?

If you’re planning to self-publish on KDP, you’ll definitely need to consider KDP Interiors. Here’s why:

  • Professional Look: A well-designed interior makes your book look polished and credible, increasing its appeal to readers.
  • Formatting Consistency: KDP Interiors ensure your book has a consistent layout throughout, making it easy to read and navigate.
  • Variety of Options: You can find pre-made KDP Interior templates for various book types, or you can even design your own for a truly unique touch.

Finding the Perfect KDP Interior

There are several ways (both free and paid) to get your hands on KDP Interiors. Below you will learn about some of the free and paid resources to get high-quality KDP Interior Templates to create and publish low content and medium content books.

Free KDP Interior Templates

There are a lot of resources out there which give you free KDP Interior. Below I will list some of the best options for obtaining free KDP interiors.

1. Book Bolt

Head over to Book Bolt’s website and check out their free Interior Wizard tool. This handy generator allows you to choose your book size, page bleed (whether the design bleeds to the edge of the page), and even generate basic interiors with margins, and bleed. 

book bolt interior wizard

It offers more flexibility than Amazon’s free templates and lets you create interiors for journals, planners, guestbooks, and more.

Check Out Book Bolt Interior Wizard

2. Creative Fabrica Freebies Section

Creative Fabrica is a treasure trove for creatives, and their freebies section shouldn’t be overlooked.

creative fabrica freebie section


They offer a surprising selection of free KDP Interiors with commercial use licenses. Keep in mind that the selection might change, but you can find anything from lined paper and graph paper interiors to habit trackers and budget planner templates. 

Be sure to double-check the license terms before using any free resource.

Checkout Creative Fabrica Freebies Section

3. Book Bird

Book Bird is another useful source for getting free plus premium kdp interiors. 

31 free kdp interior templates bundle by book bird

They are offering 31 Free KDP Interior Templates which you can use to create, publish and sell outstanding low content books and coloring books on Amazon KDP.

Here is what you will get with this free book interior bundle:

✔️ +15 Handcrafted Coloring Templates

✔️ +5 Cover Design Elements

✔️ +8 Low Content Book Templates

✔️ +8 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Print on Demand License

Download 31+ KDP Interior

3. Gumroad (For Design Assets)

While Gumroad isn’t a one-stop shop for KDP Interiors, many independent designers sell pre-made templates and design assets that you can use to create your own KDP Interiors. 

All you need to do is visit Gumroad Discover and type “kdp interiors” in the search bar. In this way you will see all the available kdp interiors on Gumroad, most of these interiors are Freebies.

kdp interiors on gumroad

Checkout KDP Interior on Gumroad

4. Dot It Yourself (YouTube Tutorials)

The self-publishing community on YouTube is vast and helpful. Many creators offer tutorials on using free design software like Canva to create basic KDP Interiors. 

These tutorials can guide you through designing your own lined paper, checklists, or even coloring book pages for your self-published book.

Paid KDP Interior Templates

Below I have shared some of the best places to get paid kdp interiors. The best route you can take is to get a monthly or yearly subscription with one of these platforms.This will cost you way less than paying for individual book interiors.

1. Creative Fabrica (No.1 Recommendation)

Creative Fabria is one of the best platforms that offers premium quality KDP Interiors at a very affordable cost.

As I’m writing this blog post, there are over 183,400 KDP interiors on Creative Fabrica;

kdp interiors on creative fabrica june 2024

The cool thing is most of these interiors come in bundles, which gives you a lot of interior templates per download. 

Some of these bundles include;

The best part is you can download 10 of these bundles with a risk-free from Creative Fabrica.

Get Creative Fabrica Trial Here

2. Book Bird: Over 847 High-Quality Interiors

In addition to their 31+ Free KDP Interiors, Book Bird also offers over 847 premium KDP interior templates. These templates come in different bundles/collections as mentioned below;

A. Book Bird Gold Library

With the Gold Library, you can get exclusive access to a collection of 120+ Premium Interiors. Below are various features of this Gold Library KDP Interior bundle. 

This kdp bundle gives you access to;

✅ Over +120 Book Interior Templates

✅ Ready-to-Use PDF Files

✅ All Customizable Source Files

✅ Countless highly profitable Niches

✅ Access to all upcoming Templates

✅ Commercial Use License

✅ Lifetime Access (No subscription)


B. Book Bird Journal Collection

Journal Collection  gives you access to over 77 different no-content book interiors to create Journals, Notebooks, and Planners.

With this bundle you will have access to;

✔️ +77 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Templates

✔️ Print on Demand License

✔️ Lifetime Access (No subscription)


C. Book Bird Coloring Collection

Coloring Collection gives you access to the largest collection of handcrafted Coloring Book Templates and helps you build and scale your KDP business.

In the coloring collection bundle, you will get over 700 coloring book templates that you can customize and combine using popular design software.

Below are the salient features of the coloring collection bundle;

✔️ +700 Coloring Book Templates

✔️ +70 Cover Design Elements

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Bundles

✔️ Lifetime Access (No Subscription)


D. Platinum Bundle — Over +847 KDP Interior Templates

As I mentioned earlier in this post, you can get a huge discount by getting the Platinum Bundle.

It gives you access to all the above-mentioned bundles at highly discounted prices.

The Platinum Bundle comes with;

✔️ +650 Coloring Book Templates

✔️ +65 Cover Design Elements

✔️ +120 Low Content Book Templates

✔️ +77 No Content Book Templates

✔️ Fully Editable Source Files

✔️ Access to all Upcoming Bundles

✔️ Lifetime Access (No Subscription)


3. Book Bolt Studio

Book Bolt Studio not only gives you access to a lot of free and Premium KDP templates, it also provides a user-friendly design experience. 

You can use Book Bolt Studio to create a complete low content or medium content book including book cover and book interiors. 

It comes with pre-made high-quality book interiors to create journals, planners, and puzzle books. 

Below some of the most popular books you can create using Book Bolt Studio;

  • Gratitude Journals
  • Planners
  • Graph Paper Notebooks
  • Word Search Puzzle Books
  • Maze Puzzle Books
  • Word Scramble Books
  • Crossword Puzzles Books
  • Sudoku Puzzle Books
  • Maze Puzzle Books (Rectangular, Circle, Hexagonal and Honeycomb Maze)
  • Minefinder

Get a Free Trial To Book Bolt Studio


Remember, the right KDP Interior can significantly enhance your self-published book. By investing in a well-designed interior, you’ll be giving your readers a professional and enjoyable reading experience.

Do you have any questions about KDP Interiors or self-publishing in general? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a Amazon KDP Author and Self Publisher. He loves to write about Low Content & Medium Content Book Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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