Why Are Low Content Books 120 Pages?

Why are low content books 120 pages? Seems like a very interesting question. And as per my own experience, after publishing over 1000 low and no content books on kdp, there are more than 1 reasons to keep a low-content book between 100-120 pages. And today, I will shed some light on that.

Why are low content books 120 pages?

The no.1 reason behind the low content books being 120 pages is the perceived value. A customer who spends 6 to 7 bucks on a low content book, expects the book to be between 100-120 pages. Secondly, come the royalties that a low content book publisher earns from a single sale. A low content book of 120 pages priced at $6.99 earns at least $1.90 in royalties per sale. 

So, you can say 120 pages is a sort of sweet spot and provides a good balance between the provided value and royalties earned.

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If you ask me, I personally love to keep most of my books between 100-120 pages, and in return, I expect to earn $2 in royalties.

In the below table I have mentioned, the no of pages and potential royalties a low content book can earn.

Type Of BookPage Count List PriceRoyalties Earned

In addition to above mention perceived value, there are some other reasons behind the low content books being 120 pages.

KDP Meta Data Guidelines

If you publish a low-content book through kdp, then you need to mention the book title either on the front cover or on the spine of the book. And most importantly, you can only put the book title on the spine if the book is at least 100 pages.


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So, a low content book publisher who wants to include some text on the spine of the book has to create a book of 100 pages at least. 

Low Content Books Are Highly Consumable

Most of the low-content books are highly consumable and need less effort to create as compared to high content books. Therefore, creating a low content book of 120 pages isn’t that hard. Therefore, publishing a book of 50 pages will not serve the purpose and may look like a pamphlet rather than a book.


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It’s Kinda Tradition

I have personally checked so many paperback books on Amazon and most of them are 100-120 pages. So, 120 seems like a traditional number for a low or no content book. If you look at the lined journal, logbook, gratitude journals, and fitness journals, a majority of these books are 120 pages long.

Final Thoughts

As being a low content publisher, I can say that a low content book of 100-120 page length is perfect to satisfy the end-user and earn decent royalties at the same time. That’s I personally try to keep my own low-content book with the range of 100-120 pages.

I hope, this short read answers your question of why low content books are 120 pages!

Thanks for reading!

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