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I am Subha Malik and in this blog post, I am going to share with you some Profitable Niches With Low Competition for amazon kdp no and low content books. This post is for kdp publishers who need some low competition kdp niches for their no and low-content books.

I have found these niches for doing kdp niche research for myself, today I am going to share these niches with you. Most of the time I use tools like Bookbolt and Helium10 to find these profitable niches with low competition. 

So, without further ado, let’s just dive in…

Side Note: I have not checked these keywords for trademark, so you need to do your due diligence before publishing your books in these niches.

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Profitable Niches with Low Competition Amazon Kdp

5 profitable niches with low competition amazon kdp

Below you will some profitable kdp niches that have low competition. Take these niches as a starting point and do your research to find more kdp niches. Here the idea is to sharpen your niche research skills.

KDP Niche # 1: Orange Notebook

kdp niche_orange_notebook

I found this niche a few days ago, according to helium10 this niche/keyword has 429 amazon searches per month and it has an average BSR of 85k. When it comes to competition, it has 936 search results or competing products.


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All these numbers suggest that this niche has a decent demand however, the competition is still very low. Therefore, you can create a high-quality notebook with an amazing cover to generate some sales. 

KDP Niche # 2: Red And Black Notebook

red and black notebook

This is our second low competition kdp niche. The keyword “Red And Black Notebook” has 25 amazon searches per month. It has an average BSR of over 98k and the number of competing products is 941. 

According to bookbolt, it has 1600 google searches per month which is a great indication of high demand. So, we can say this is another low competition kdp niche that can be profitable as well.

KDP Niche # 3: Luxury Cars Coloring Book

luxury cars coloring book

According to Helium10, the keyword luxury cars coloring book has 216 amazon searches per month which shows a good demand for this coloring book. As per bookbolt this keyword/niche has 70 google searches per month as well. 

The average BSR is over 323k which is okay! However, I can see books that have a best seller rank of less than 10k which means they are making a lot of sales. So, you can take this niche as a profitable low competition niche as well. 

Some other variations of this kdp coloring book niche are;

  • Racing cars coloring book
  • Sports cars coloring book
  • Vintage cars coloring book
  • Supercars coloring book

KDP Niche # 4: Bill Payment Tracker

bill payment trader kdp niche

As per helium10, the bill payment tracker has an excellent amazon search volume of 1,224. What this means is, over 1200 people are looking for this niche every single month which indicates a decent demand. 

This keyword or niche also has 720 monthly google searches (data taken from bookbolt). While competing products on amazon are over 1000 that means competition is still low for this exact keyword.

Some related keywords include;

  • Monthly bill organizer
  • Monthly bill planner
  • Bill payment tracker for women
  • Bill payment tracker for senior
  • Bill payment tracker for men

KDP Niche # 5: Running Log Book

running log book

The keyword “running log book” has 506 amazon searches per month which is great. Though the average BSR is quite high, (over 448K), however, there are many books on the first page with pretty low bsrs as well. 

When I checked the keyword in the book bolt keyword tool, it says this exact keyword has 370 searches per month on google. So, based on these numbers, I can say this niche has demand and can be really profitable for you. 

Some related keywords are;

  • Running log book journal
  • Running log book 2022
  • Running log book for women
  • Running log book tracker
  • Running log book for kids

Let’s Summarize It

 I have found niches that have decent searches on amazon and google (demand) and have fewer number of competing products on amazon (low competition). I have found these niches using two tools, Bookbolt and Helium10. Though these tools are not mandatory, however, they can ease your niche research and make things faster.

I hope you have found this post helpful, if yes, then do share this with your friends!

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