I Only Made $796.95 from Amazon KDP – My Kdp Income Report December 2021!

I have shared my KDP Income Report Video where I have shared how much money I have made during the month of December from kdp low content and no content books!

During December I made a Big Mistake that drastically dropped my kdp income for the month of December 2021. Because of that my overall earnings are not as expected to be!

I just change the cover of my Best Selling book which resulted in a huge drop in its sales. Secondly, I didn’t run many ads during December, so these are the possible factors that caused lower sales and lower kdp earnings!

Lesson learned: Never ever touch a book that is generating consistent sales!

You can watch my Kdp Income Report December 2021 below! In this video I have shared:


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Bookbolt: https://bit.ly/BookBoltPromo

Creative Fabrica Free Trial: http://bit.ly/3TEDBZm

Math Worksheets Generator: https://bit.ly/Math-Worksheet-Generator


  1. Total units sold during december 2021
  2. Total kdp income from those paperback books sales
  3. Total ads cost froma all three marketplaces
  4. Net income for the month of december 2021

So, have a litter watch below!

Subha Malik

Subha Malik is a KDP Self Publisher & YouTuber. He loves to write about Low Content & No Content Publishing via Amazon KDP.

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